Pray for Others

So thankful I can continue to ask you to pray for a job for my son-in-law, Sean. God bless you.

Please pray for my aunt sheila she was just diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer they only gave her 6mths to a yr to live she still has so much life in her she is the rock of our family she has taken care of eberybody else now its are time to take care of her we love her so much so please God watch over her and put your hand on her shoulder and tell her it's not her time we need her here she is loved so much

Healing for my illness and husband Robert's illness. Give us renewed health and strength.

My power wheelchair went out, medicare won't pay for repairs. I'm paralyzed on my left side i need my chair for mobility to be independant and get around on my on.

family & friends

God, I'm asking in Jesus' name for you to please bless and heal Herb. He fell off my roof and is pretty banged up and he's supposed to start work at his new job Sunday night. Please bless him with a speedy recovery and ease his pain and protect him. Surround him with your love and protection. I thank you. Amen.

please pray for me and my 2 sons for our protection and safety and peace. for my husband to my sons need the lord and they family to lord give us peace

praise report of my sister daughter baby tat could eat now he fine and baby and mother o>k. Baby is eating now. Thanks fro your prayer on this matter.

Please pray for Derrick and Amy. They need guidance and healing in their relationship. Please pray that both of them forgive me. Please pray that Derrick will come to talk to me again.