Pray for Others

Please pray for Brian.

Please pray for Robert.

Please pray for me and my family.


Please pray hard for God to heal Alan's back without surgery or further treatments and to relieve him of extreme, constant pain. Thank you and God bless you all. I ask in Christ's name. mom

Right now I'm in a very difficult time. Transitioning from one state to another. Starting a totally new life with my daughter. We don't have much money, but I am working hard to earn money for us. My credit is bad and now my car won't start. I'm grateful to have family allowing us to live with them until we can get on our feet. Please pray for us that we can overcome these obstacles and come out much stronger. That these chains and curses will be broken and we can live free. In Jesus' name. Amen

Please pray for Charlotte.

Lord please look after all my family keep them healthy and please especially look after my mum keep her healthy in body and mind, please look after my sister let her throat heal and her stress gets better, please lord look after me keep me healthy please keep my chest clear of chest infections coughs colds or flu and please keep my heart healthy and strong please let my cold get better soon, look after our friends and my carers.
Thank you

TY God for C healed FEET TOES esp Right Foot, & 4th toes, also HEAD NECK PAIN GONE!! ARM FOOT healed shaking gone, all R side. All TEETH healed esp upper R rear, (staying stable for perfect treatment options) 1 lower, SINUS/EARS Cleared Moist Open Drained, ears HEAR perfectly. all BLOOD VESSELS TISSUES strong healed resilient tough and JOINTS/BONES healed in TOES FEET head,neck,sides R knee. Healed strong contracting BLADDER URETHRA SPHINCTERS, Alignment Healed-Muscles holding CENTER UPPER, RIGHT BACK, for complete PROTECTION SAFETY fm Negative Energies & Emotions, PERFECT PH BALANCE, healed EYES, only HEALTHY ORGANISMS, for ESSE, enuf REST SLEEP C & M! WE PRAY THIS FOR ALL NEEDING.

My son needs prayer right now. He had an interview with some group that helps people pay their electricity & rent. He got laid off from the oilfields & is so behind in rent & electricity. He can't find his wallet with his I.d. & he needs this or a job immediately. Please pray for him. Please.