Pray for Others

Please pray for me to follow God's Will as I rebuild my life from the ashes of a serious illness. I will start work again tomorrow and I need to have patience and make a good impression. I haven't worked in over a year. God Bless.

Healing for Deborah - torn retina and diabetes. Total healing for her eyes. Such a given young woman.

pray for john who is having brain biopsy Monday that it will be normal and he will be released from hospital. for healing also

I applied for this job over a month ago and had a interview I am still waiting on this job and heard nothing yet please pray the this job comes to me because I need it badly and have bills to pay and have to eat. please pray that I hear something soon and get hired quickly.

Ida- is a God fearing woman who spends her days trying to find homes for homeless animals and a die hard advocate.She suffers daily with physical pain and is sad because her dog recently lost it's eye sight. Please pray for her, God knows how to comfort her and restore her body. She is such a good woman and a blessing to so many, thank you

Please pray for my son and I. We are going through a rough time financially, I'm trying to get SSI disability because of my diseased hips. I cannot work and the only income we have is my son's survivors benefit from his late father,and it isn't much. I worry constantly about how we are going to survive, I'm having trouble sleeping and I'm in a constant state of anxiety. I pray all the time that the Lord will take care of us, and so far he has, but I would like your prayers as well to help me with the worry and anxiety. God Bless You All. Thank You.

pray for Melinda as she has gone thru divorce and is lonely needs job car ;she needs companionship and guidance also for her daughter to be involved in her life she doesn't talk to her and that hurts thank you god bless

My husband starts chemo and radiation treatments week after next. Please pray for him and for the treatments to not be hard on him and to kill the cancer cells. Thank you.

Please pray for my granddaughter whose roommate without any notice left their apartment and returned to another state leaving my granddaughter to pay all the rent and electric bills which was previously shared. She doesn't know what she is going to do as she doesn't think she can handle it alone. Please pray that the Lord will show her what path to take and help her in the meantime. Thank you.

Dear Lord, I pray for my mental health for it affects everything. My home life, my work life. I have constant anxiety. I get easily agitated. Please make this go away. This is hurting me and others a great deal. I think my life would come together if I no longer dealt with this issue. I have been coming and praying to you all the time regarding work. Work would be ok if I could deal with the stress and anxiety. I am tired of hurting people. People that know me don't really like me and I want that to change. Please show me ways to help myself. Doing one thing isn't going to help me. Its going to have to be attacking the problem at all angles. Please help me. Amen.