Pray for Others

Please pray for my son Preston age 49 in North Carolina who has been diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukenia. It is asystematic. He was told that this is the best type of leukemia to have. Pray also for his doctors and all his medical personnel. He will take oral medication ( Dasatinib) every day and go for blood work every 3 months. The first Bible verse I read in my first devotional after he told me of this is Phhilippians 4:6-7 "Do not be anxious about anything................". Very timely & I am keeping this verse close to my heart. Thank you for your prayers.

Dear Lord,
Please help Danny overcome this cancer. He wants to live.

Need to sell our large home to buy a smaller one

please pray diane will obtain the job on Friday with Shane co. interview/ pray her interview will be full of positive energy and connection. she will get the salary she asks for.
Pray for wisdom on house to build or to find one within our budget. selection of all the subs will be Holy Spirit directed. speak for confirmation to build or not build. We need divine favor and wisdom whether to proceed.
Lastly pray for return of Dave's health and removal of migraines and new blood sugar meds will work. Call upon the name of Jesus . pray Jer 33:3

I am a breast cancer survivor going on 4 years. I was always small chested and after having a lumpectomy I am even smaller thus making mammograms very difficult. Upon having an MRI something was detected. The radiologist thinks it may be scar tissue. He ordered a follow-up MRI in 6 months which is coming up. I am filled with anxiety and worry that the cancer has returned. Can you please pray for me that the results will be normal? I know I need to trust God but I'm so consumed with worry. Every follow up for cancer patients is so stressful and filled with uncertainty. It's nerve wracking waiting for the results just like it was the first time. Thank you for your support and prayers. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Prayer for financial blessing to get repair on my 2006 Nissan Titan truck Brakes, front wheels/suspicion/handling problems, exhaust system, etc

Dear God Lord Jesus,
I pray that you will GUIDE me. My mind, my heart, my actions – please help me to be a reflection of you. Please strengthen my mind, my heart, my body, my thoughts. Please help me to conquer my feelings of failure, defeat, heartache, loss and my feelings of inadequacy. My heart & mind feel broken. I feel broken. I feel lost. Sad. I feel like a failure in all aspects of my life. I pray that you will guide me to where you want me to be, where I need to be. Please help me to BE the person that you want me to be, that you created me to be. Please Lord, help me hear YOUR voice and heed your advice. Keep me walking along the path behind you. Please quicken my mind and deepen my understanding. I pray in the Lord Jesus Name. Amen.

Plz pray for Sharon working long hours & do not receive enough rest, almost had 2 accidents, one was due to falling asleep @ the wheel, do not have good perception & wisdom, also need another car. Remember Shebra need good reliable workers, frequently she has to cover for no shows very tired & god bless her with trustworthy workers. Myron taking intense therapy daily had injury on duty, really tired & God work things out with the job & finances. A check was sent in to pay mortgage & car, mistake made by sender & all went toward mortgage, in process of correction plz ask God to speed the process because car pymt late & ask God to not allow credit to be affected. Remember homeless, hungry, unemployed, abused elderly & kids. Richard daughter may invite him to graduation plz touch his heart to attend & touch Jylessa heart to invite. God bless each volunteer & families

Please pray for my husband Ed, he is having his 3rd eye proceedure today. Ed began losing his sight in his left eye and was diagnosed with MD(Macular Degeneration). Thank God so far his eye has not gotten worst, but his sight has not inproved either.
Please lift Ed up and pray for his healing. Thank you.

Seventy three year old lady needs to know what is Gods purpose for her life