Pray for Others

Dear Brothers and Sisters In Christ
Please pray for Paula Janine M- that God will give her a job in Business management or any job that will help her earn a living to support her needs and sisters. thank you and God bless you and your ministry.

my prayers this evening is I have a place to go tomorrow I pray I get some support from my sisters mel michele or ed soon

Pray that I will receive a financial blessing to pray my wife's medical bill and i can retire and do the LORD's work.

As a single woman I pray every day for my marriage. The marriage I see in my mind to a man who loves me come rain or come shine. A marriage of everything God has made for us to share on earth and in heaven. A marriage to a man taught me to know the face of love. My heart. My life. My Angel. Amen.

Dear God, I cared for my husband who has Alzheimer's at home for many years. He needs more care than I can provide so he will be going to a facility very soon. Please help my family to cope with this adjustment. May Thy will be done. Amen.

Worried very much about finances, my lifelong depression, a strained relationship etc!!!.....God knows. Help me please, I can't stand it much longer. I need a blessing in my life very, very badly. Thank you so much, Amen and God bless, with love........

Please pray nothing majorly bad happens to our home as we are unable to afford any repairs at all. Please pray we never have to leave our home-long story. Please pray I receive the financial help I applied for very quickly. Amen and have a very peaceful, joyful day!!!..

My son has an interview on Tuesday. Please pray he gets hired. He has been unemployed for 9 months and it is putting a lot of pressure on his relationship with his dad and our finances. He is so excited and what he has always wanted. Pray his dreams are not crushed.

Please ask God to help us pay the last car repairs we need now. Thank you.

My 85 year old mother underwent major surgery on Friday. I request prayer for her healing and for God's help as I care for her at home.