Pray for Others

I been having alot of paun in my back and hip. Now the leg. I just put off going to the doctor. Also need to go to dentist and eye doctor. And my daughter too.

Thank you for standing in prayer with me, for believing that Almighty God is a healer, provider, guider, and that he will touch our lives so we can reach out and help others in need.
That we will realize that in his word God said what concerns us concerns him and that i, you, we can release all our cares to him and he can handle it.
To allow me to really let go of the pain. A walk that is real and sincere and only Gods view matter,
Special prayer that will begin the healing process so i can forgive my self for not realizing that I placed her my daughterin the envirnoment of a sexual abuser, and allow me to forgive him also.
And that almighty God give me the platform to help other victims from my experience.
Also in my daily prayer, for all the hurting people all over the world, no matter what faith, or pain,
With Sincere gratitude for standing in prayer with me and others that need prayer
Veronica R

Praise and thanking God for my daughter's eye exam, didn't need a change in her glasses. Asking for God's provision in the way of paying for the medical concern they are watching for with her eyes and that her eyes will continue to be healthy, no problems.

Dear Representative,
Marcia needs healing for arthritis in her hands and bones.
So please pray for the following for Marcia:
1. God will completely heal her hands and bones of arthritis, and her whole body.
2. God will restore her health.
3. God will deliver and save her soul.
4. God will deliver her spiritually, physically and financially from the attacks of the devil.
5. God will bless her spiritually, physically and financially.

Please pray my daughter Bethel will have and feel God's peace as she prepares for and enters the courtroom for a custody hearing. Pray her mind will be clear and her tongue able to speak the truth regarding the serious abuses against her daughters (my granddaughters). Help to to KNOW that the spirit is with her so her testimony of God will be strengthened. Thank You!

Pray that Caroline will be inspired and competent to represent my daughter in a custody hearing on Wednesday in such a way that the judge will be able to clearly recognize the truth and make rulings necessary to protected my granddaughters from their father whom they report physical abuse and their counselor suspects sexual abuse. Thank you!

Please pray that Christine will be able to trust the testimony of my grandchildren's counselor and others. May she suggest that the judge not allow their father to visit with these young girls until their father agrees to and receives proper counseling and the children will be safe with him. Thank you!

Pray she will have God's spirit with her as she testifies in custody hearing regarding the physical and sexual abuse of my two granddaughters. Help her to have the spirit to know how to best represent the truth so the judge will understand and rule to protect my precious little ones.

My son's life is in upheaval and lack of peace. He's my only family member nearby and since my husband's death I feel his
withdrawal from me. Mostly because I'm trying to get my feet on God's solid ground and he has preconceived ideas of what I need. His wife's mother died at Christmas and the rivalry between her and the youngest daughter (18) has increased 10 fold. Please pray that I can give it to God and leave it there and that they will have peace I am totally
devastated at the bickering, etc. Thank you Doris

Please everyone pray for me right now I am desperate.Please pray that the administrator Victor will move me that he will move the old lady in with me.