Pray for Others

I am going for my driving test tomorrow and pls pls pray I pass my test. Pls pray for my children for studies and good health and for my husband to get a good job. Pls pray that my son gets a job soon. Thanks

Please help Emily and Mark with their relationship situation in A. Please touch their hearts with great love for one another. Make them best friends that trust one another completely. Please help Emily to reach out and make a difference in Mark's life and for him to do the same with Emily. Please help Emily learn to communicate better with him and for him to be receptive to her words and likewise for Emily. Please build their relationship with great love, understanding, job, patience, support, respect and kindness for one another. Please help them be affectionate and show their love for each other, especially Emily. Emily has struggled with insight and wisdom and please help her with this. Please help her to mature and know what is important in life. Please help both of them embrace God and church together in their lives. Please help them grow together for a lifetime and for true happiness for eternity. When hardships strike, they always do, please have them support and lean on each other and God during these times. Help them grow to be better people. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer. Amen

Lord give Meri your blessings. Shower her with your love. Give her vision,wisdom,and be open to changes. Thank you for all you do for our family

Need Financial Miracle ,,,,need good Job offer and safe place for me and my daughter to move to this Month (that accepts pets). Thank You for help and Prayers

renew our spirit and cleanse us . Give us a stronger faith lord give us grace to be positive always and have a beautifulsoul. A grace to make all mothers happy in mothers day especially ur mother. Help me grace to finish my gift to them give me resources. This all i ask and claim in jesus name.amen

Please Pray that my Family sends me money so I can find another place to rent , single mom with daughter to support. They wont pay the money they owe me, or offer any help. No one to go to , waiting for Job offer. I pray for all of you going through hardships.

give me grace to. Be productive all time and everyday. Please lord. Touch m to remove all his visces and remove all bad in him pour him ur spirit and a grace to live a godly life. Give him wisdom in all aspect of his life.this all i pray and claim in jesus name. Amen

Please pray for restoration of a Godly relationship and healing of emotions for my wife. She grew in an abusive and manipulative church, and dealt with a mother who bought whole-heartedly into that church and even sacrificed the family welfare for it. I have now seen my wife grow more and more bitter, turning away from God, and unwilling even to pray or acknowledge him. She had accepted Christ once as Lord and Savior, and at one time routinely shared the gospel in college. We even served as a missionary couple overseas at one point. She is now being destroyed by her anger, making it impossible for us to serve together. Please pray for a fresh falling of the Spirit upon her heart- and healing.

Please more prayers for my stable apartment to come soon, Prayers for my boyfriend eddy. my son jeff

I need prayer for healing of my cholesterol riddled arteries and the chronic tinnitus that I have suffered for years.. I am due for a cholesterol check and a mammogram in a couple of week. I would appreciate prayer for a complete healing and wellness of these things in my body.Thank you