Pray for Others

Pray that I will be receptive to the Wisdom of God with regards to the choices that I will make in life. I have finally felt a sense of being healed within at the age of 46. 41 yrs ago I had met the most violent man alive, my stepfather. My late grandfather had also taught me how to pray just a year before I had met my stepfather. I was 4yrs old. My grandfather died when I was 7. My father had shot himself in the head I never had a chance to meet him. As a result of my violent & abusive childhood & teenage yrs. I had developed a low self esteem & fear of men. Sadly, I had married a man that could quote the bible but also quickly developed an alcohol addiction after our marriage. Later continued to threaten to kill me. He has recently died. Now, our 2 kids are almost adults & my youngest is 8 ( Her father is a womanizer) With that being said, I want prayer to receive wisdom to know what to do & when & inspiration 2 complete my academic studies. Overcome loneliness & living alone. Thanks

I am asking for prayer for a women named Larisa,She will be going through surgery on Monday for some serious health issues,She is frighten.I ask that God would help her through this ,

Dear God Let the miracle of LOVE LOVE LOVE lead us guide us strengthen us, weave new, better ways of being, of forgiving, &loving, empowering balanced actions & for perfect love love love-centered God-Guided healing solutions for ourselves and others, created in SAFETY SAFETY PROTECTION PROTECTION LOVE LOVE LOVE HEALING HEALING HEALING HEALING HEALING in all days, Thy Ways Amen! Thank you for Your many blessings of today!

Please pray for safety for D while T is gone. Father we give You praise. Please place Your angels around the property & house. Thank You for keeping us safe especially our animals & pets & D. We give You praise. In Jesus name. Thank you all for your prayers, God's blessings to you all.

Pray I can find a better apartment

Please pray for travel mercy for Tom. Father we give You praise. Please be with all travelers, especially Tom this Sunday thru Thurs. Please place Your holy angels around the plane & vehicles. Please help this time with friends be good fellowship with You among them. Thank You for helping Tom have a safe, good time. Bless him with renewed health. In Jesus name. Thank you prayer warriors. Bless you all.

I am being audited by the IRS for tax years 2012 and 2013. During those years I moved many times, had several different jobs, suffered many medical problems so had many different doctors and prescription drug costs. I didn't save paper receipts for anything. I am trying to get things online as best I can but I don't think it will be enough and I am sure that things I had filed (through an online site) I won't be able to adequately represent. I am so scared and embarrassed to tell my parents about this, I have put them through so much in the past few years and this is just too much. They have done so much for me financially and are stressed and burdened themselves with their own careers, finances, health, etc. I have a stressful job as a resident physician in which i have to work very long hours and am required to do a lot of reading/studying. It is just all too much for me right now. Please help.

77yo Barbara, (salvation, loneliness, pain, fear, healing, finances, reliable transportation), 1 yr old Taylor (open eye w/o more surgery), DB, DB, K & TG (protection, healthy development), Karyn (smoking, wt. loss, health, finances, sleep, travel mercies), Karyn B (healing, wt. loss, dental issues, finances, job), Roy (asthma, car repairs, finances), Linda (wt. loss, skin condition, healing, loneliness, love, marriage, dental, finances, travel mercies, guidance), Dee (drug abuse, healthcare, BP, guidance, job, protection, safety), Louis (sobriety, stress, sleep disorder, BP, travel mercies, safety, God’s guidance, strength, courage, wisdom ), Nikki (guidance, wisdom, finances), HB, DB, DJ, RB, Bill, Cheryl, Michael, Larry & others seeking healing/blessings. Family prayers. Save, heal, protect, restore, provide, finances, humble our hearts & bless, Father. Thank You Father. In Jesus' name. Amen

please pray for healing for Mary who is suffering from vertigo. She is very dizzy and this has gone on for 2 weeks. Thank you.

please pray for my teeth to mend and for the gaps to be filled (except the wisdom teeth). I have only 10 teeth left, and because I have Lupus I can't wear dentures. one of my front teeth has gone a bit sharp at the back, and is annoying. I had it filled many years ago. I also have post-traumatic stress disorder, so I am finding the prospect of more dental work daunting. I am just about coping with eating at the moment. I am not in any pain thankfully. the lack of teeth looks awful, and I am trying to find a partner. thank you for praying.