Pray for Others

I am praying that God leads me into the right path as for my job situation. I would love to get into my writing more and need to focus. Asking for God guidance on my situation. Kathy, NJ. Although I would love to see my brothers job passion come true. He works very hard with it. He needs it.

I pray that God helps my little brother Bernie get that job as a Programmer that he is currently interviewing for. He has a few more people to meet with within the Company. First meeting went well. Please pray with me that God grants him this opportunity! He deserves it very much. Kathy, NJ

My Heavenly Father - I pray that I will be able to sign up a couple of active distributors/customers on my direct sales team. Thank you. Amen.

For Leo not to be mad when I talk about getting a loan to consolidate our bills and he will do it. It would help so much. In Jesus name !Amen! Thank you and God bless you!

Lord please look after my family please especially my mum keep her healthy and well in mind and body and please let her cough be nothing serious and let her check go well tomorrow and let everything be ok, please also look after my sister let her stress lessen and her headaches be nothing serious. Please keep me healthy keep my chest clear of infection and don't let me get any coughs, colds or flu please keep my heart healthy and my breathing clear and easy. Please look after my friends and carers
Thank you

Prayer is requested for Ashley's mother who loves in SC.Today they are seeing if the tumor her mother has is benign or not. Request for it is be benign and not a threat to Ashley's mother's health in Jesus Name is greatly appreciated. Thankyou

I pray for my ex and the woman he left me for. Also, for Mary Jane. God knows. In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you and God bless you!

I am asking God for a major blessing, to purchase 54+ acres to construct a 100 bed foster home for siblings group and older kids for long term stay. Also to build a child/adult daycare, new worship center. This is a costly vision,we are asking 5 million for a min. of $1 so we can buy and build this vision and be debt free. thanking you this my prayer God bless Rev.T.L.L.

Not to be pre diabetic

Please pray for my husband. The farming operation gives him stress that he has trouble letting go of. He always gets his works done and is a good steward of the land. We have many blessings. Please pray that he will have a calm spirit and that we can enjoy the fruits of our labor in our older years. Thank you for your prayers and faithfulness.