Pray for Others

Dear Lord, please help me to focus tomorrow after being ill. I have a lot to catch up on. Please help me not to get anyone angry at me. Amen

Dear Lord, please heal my family from flu and hope my daughter who hasn't had it yet, will never get it. I hope my husband does not have pneumonia from the flu. Amen

For our small private school - there is a great deal of turmoil right now and hesitation on signing contracts - may God show us the right direction to take and may we be open to what he is saying. Thank you

Our town's mill has been sold to a scrap metal company from C. when it could have been sold to another paper company.. the previous owner did not want the competition.. Please pray for Maine and the environment and the mill and the displaced workers.

Wisdom and joy. I am unequally yoked to my husband originally was a minister and now backsliden and we are seperated trying to find right steps forward to reconcile. Please pray for me to have wise intervention Devine appts in his life and mine and I will accomplish what God desires

 Many unspoken request God knows all the needs.

My uncle who has bladder cancer. That he get through the treatments well. That he gets healed from it.

Please pray for my mom, Brenda. I would ask that you lift her up in prayer and pray that if it God's will, that He will heal her completely from her cancer. Please pray for the Lord to fill her with His peace, love, joy and strength to face everyday with His grace. Thank you so much. May God bless each and everyone of you.

Dear Hevenly Father I come asking orayer along with other believers for your guidance and wisdom to close a buisness deal. I pray my partner will agree and sign the agreement to sell his shares to me. I pray that his lender transfer and extend his loan with excellant terms to me. I pray that you bring forht the rest of the funds that are required to close this deal and provide the funds needed to beging a new buisness you so graciouly blessed me with. I pray you bring short term loan funds that is required to complete this deal and provide living expenses for my family and I until the business generates income.

Thank you prayer warriors for the prayers for Chris's surgery! He was perfectly relaxed while waiting to go in and everything went well :)