Pray for Others

Please pray for Dominick, he just had bowel surgery. For Louise who is going to have Cataract surgery. For Lenore , Healing and Judy who is going on a personnal misson. Thank you.

P.K. - hubby - please pray for him not to tire of assisting his son in his quest for sobriety. Also, please pray for P.K. & I both to have discernment in our approach to assisting our son in this area where he is so vulnerable.

Zac - this son is working on a very large and timely project. There seems to be a deadline coming very soon. Thanks for praying confidence, skill & ability into this son especially at this time of added stress.

Scott - please pray hard for this son to remain alcohol free and turn away from anything for strength other than the Lord Jesus & exercise.

That God gives me guidance and the wisdom to address the severe dysfunction in my family. We need love, healing and harmony.

My son Michael has cancer again inoperable. I pray for a miracle to take away the cancer. I would rather take over the cancer if God wills. He is my baby 52 years old and has a family to care for.

pray for my daughter tiffany to let go of a ungodly relationship.that causeing her to be depression.

Please pray for all those in poverty who dont have access to food and healthcare. Thank you.

God please help me. I have so many problems and I need a job.

Please pray for Brian .