Pray for Others

Please pray for my son Pedro, he needs to get his EMT NATIONAL REGISTER . He needs to concentrate in study and pass the exam. Please , he needs all prayers possible. Thanks

Lord please be at the center of the missing items. Please lord let this door close. Let Jake get his items back

Ron is having prostate surgery tomorrow. please pray it goes well. that there's nothing seriously wrong with him and that he heal quickly with no long term side effects.

I would just like to say Thank you to all of you who have accepted my requests over the few years for prayers for the court outcome of my grand daughter and the drug addiction of my son. It took a few years but we all came through the storm! Love and blessings for all the prayers for I know each and every one helped. Thank you for being here for me .

Between December and March, more than 200 teenagers on the P. R. R. in S. D. either committed suicide, or tried to. Please lift them up to our God with the all power and Angel armies. This spiritual battle needs to be fought on our knees. Thanks and God Bless. Worthy is the Lamb.

I have cone to you before requesting a job or change in work place. I am coming to you with specific work request and with the hope that this will be my last job request for several years. I want a job where I work with youth and young teachers but I am no longer in the classroom. I want to provide life skills and work place training and earn a good living doing it. I want to work 12 months and I want to complete my education and help my son complete his education. In addition, I want my son not to be punished for his immaturity for a legal matter. These things I ask in the name of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Continued protection against the Marshall (with gun) showing up to put us out on the street. Finances, packers, truck and driver to take us all to CA. Can't take care of my beautiful dogs out on the street: feeding, bathing, drinking. I'm in much deep migraine and and body pain and shock. Can't sleep on the cold, hard, dangerous sidewalk. Need right-now cash job in apartment. Demented, absent husband threatened last night to take both my dogs away (they know there is something very wrong ) after no contact for two months and to cut off ALL finances due me on 3rd.. Knows he is evil..said so. Thank you for praying and I'm desperately trying to keep my faith after two months of no answers. His Timing is frightening issue.

I am a backslider and would like to renew my walk with God. I have been chased by the demons for such a long time now. I have been praying without ceasing. I need your prayers to help me to become stronger in my walk with God. Thank you so much

My daughter Claire needs urgent prayer. She was approaching final exams at her small college when she walked in and found a male friend had hung himself. She is struggling and not able to take final exams but insisting on taking them even if she is fails them. She is not seeing clearly. Please pray for Gods guidance to reach her urgently.

I pray for a supernatural financial miracle today, for deliverance from debts and debts burdens