Pray for Others

Please pray for my daughter and her school situation. She is very angry. She is doing well in school, but we had to take her out of the private school we had her in and put her in public school She hates that this happened and blames me. Please help us find peace.

Dear Lord, I pray tonight for my Wife's forgiveness. I said something that was hurtful. sometimes I say things without thinking of how others will perceive it. I love her with all my heart and have for 33 years now. Please let her know that I'm sorry and that I will be more understanding in the future. In Jesus Dear Precious name, Amen

Please pray that my husbands heart is filled with the God's holy love and that he learns to calm down and not be so stressed out.
Please pray that is love for me grows strong and that he over looks the little things and does not worry about them. Please pray that he loves himself and me.

Communication pure heart.. And a financial breakthrough.. A miracle for Bobbi Kristina , in Jesus Christ mighty name.. Please Lord.. A massive angel dream come true- # no nightmare- ever again-

Please dear father help Paul to have a safe trip in the morning.

Please pray for my 25 year old son, Sam who could not follow his parole and is now back in prison. Please pray that he may accept his addiction to drugs and will seek the help to counseling.

My daughter's boyfriend misplaced his bag at the airport. Please pray that someone will return it. It's in a major city airport. Please pray that someone godly will be able to be honest and return it. It has his laptop computer in it. Please pray that person be honest. Thanks.

My daughter's fiancé gets a nursing job in the D. metro area soon. He is a new graduate

I have an anxiety disorder and it's diffcult to have visitors in my home, even family. This is hard because I need the company of friends and family. Please ask God to permanently take away the anxiety of having others in my home. Thank you!

Please pray for my wife Joan. She had back surgery back in August 2014 and is having a hard time healing. Please pray for her back to heal fast and correctly and help us out financially during this time of trouble.
thank you,
M H.