Pray for Others

please pray for my brother's Antonio, Jose, Cornelius, Vincent and Alfredo {SALVATION} & to be delivered from DRUGS, ALCOHOL & LUST.

Please pray that God would tear down Ken's strongholds, take away the anger and bitterness, and turn his heart to him. Please pray that God would give Ken a new heart and a new name.

April -, job

Please pray that the Lord permanently remove the block that a person in my life has over me, all by the Lord's grace and all to the Lord's glory!

My husband is in acute kidney failure. he hasmelanoma and that's what caused his kidneys to fail. they are giving ivs to him to lower the numbers such as protein levels calcium etc. they were off the roof. he went to one treatment so far on kidney diayalisis. please pray that god sees fit to spare him for acouple more years,. he is 67 and his name is butch!! this came on so sudden. please pray for his recovery

Miracle turn around today.

Been waiting so long for God to fulfill a promise I believe He made to me several years ago but it's been so long and I sometimes feel that maybe I've missed it. Please pray for God to give me a sign to keep believing until that promise is fulfilled, and to bring encouragement to me today according to his will. I've asked the Lord if in fact this is not His will to remove the desire, but then I would have no dreams to believe for. Thank you for praying.

for his rash to be diagnosed and controlled

I would like to request for you to pray for me for employment. It's been almost 3 years since i'm out of job and i do really need to have one. I have had interviews but they gave me negative response. Please pray for me to get a job by march, i really need financial breakthrough and job.
Thank you.
God bless you!

My daughter and her 4 children moved in to our house while getting separated from her husband. They lived across country and both were moving to this state. The father arrived on last week and took the kids for the "weekend". The mom "enjoyed" the time away from kids and stayed with friends. (She had been staying out all night often). When the kids didn't come home I texted the dad. I told him that the older ones needed to get back to school. My daughter came on Monday while I was at work at took ALL the kids things from their rooms to the father in another town. She told her siblings that I was acting crazy wanting the kids to come back. The next day she took most of her things and moved in with a friend. They had been here two months and were enjoying their new school and making friends. The father is out if work and I am worried about the kids. Please pray that they will let me communicate with the kids and they will be safe. My oldest granddaughter and I are very close and spent many hours together.