Pray for Others

Please pray for healing for actor who crashed his airplane in C..

Can you pray for my husband and a dear friend of mine, my husband is Sidney and my friend name is Sue .. my husband had surgery and is having problems.. my friend had cancer before and they think the cancer is back.. thanks and God bless.

I would to Praise God for giving me my daughter Martine - back. God is Powerful and his love for us is without limit, unconditional that he gave his only Son to save us. Glory to God the Highest.

Praise for healing of virus and pray for wisdom for doctors as they decide on treatment for leukemia/lymphoma... pray that Linda can sleep tonight and that the tumors shrink and cancer does not advance according to God's holy will.

Thank You Lord Jesus for complete healings of everyone! For my healing progress, for everyone's in all areas each needs! for my healed R arm/foot, 4th toes, shaking gone, for healed R upper rear 2 teeth, hanging in nmw, For needed care easily with caregivers, for my body making friends with new home's bed, floor, toilet, too, that body & surfaces interact with friendly flexibility & resiliency. For easy bounceback fm any stress, for easy getting thru the day/night, for SAFETY SAFETY in my body in GODs LOVE, for my bowel bladder functions strong continent, blood vessels all cells fluids tissues are Tough resilient circulation-healed flexible in strength & alignment stable where needed. These healings esp in R arm/foot, head-neck-sides of L esp,& all spine, legs, all areas congruent, cohesive, holding together, healing nmw. For guidance to perfect massage & healing practitioners, TY Lord! For the $$$ lasting (all med'l approved) for C & M. Bless Mike's novel completion! Thank You God for Your Great Love & Healing for everyone!

Please pray for my faith to be stronger. I have been down for so long, have started going to church and met great people. Please help me to grow in my faith, to lead my son in the right path and to be the person God intended for me to be. Bless all of you.

I pray for my son, that he will be fully looked after by me and his mother with no problems that we will find it easy and get favourable working shifts which will be able to fully attend with ease. I pray for no problems with childcare ever. i pray for continued favour. I pray for our finances, I pray that we will be able to buy a home in full in a favourable location in L. close to family and work in the very near future. i pray for your protection, peace, health and joy and futures that you take away all the uncertainty in our lives. I pray for my parents protection happiness, health. bless them with favour and wealth and long life. i pray you guide me and my family to good jobs, with good people that pays very well with good benefits. I pray that we will debt free and prosper. I pray that my son goes to a very good school. I pray you protect and guide and all my nieces and nephews, I pray you guide my brothers to good jobs with good pay in good locations. Pray that we as a family

I pray for deliverance. Someone at work made a big mistake and now is trying to get me blamed for it. She has done this before, I always get cleared, but she leaves a stain on my career reputation. I pray for deliverance and God's vengeance.

Please pray God will send his Guardian Angels to guide my Daughter Constance to the perfect car for her.
Pray she finds a reliable affordable car. One she can depend on and not have it in the shop all the time like the last one. In Jesus name I ask and pray. Thank you.

Dear prayers please pray for theresa j. she is depressed because 2 of her grandchildren died @ she is drinking alot and crying alot. Pray she will over come this situation. heal herself some how. pray for some guidance, forgiveness salvation mercy @ protection. thank you all.