Pray for Others

My very good friend, Don, is fighting bladder, prostate and lung cancer. Please pray God keeps him in the palm of His hand and gives him the strength to fight and the grace to accept whatever happens. Thank you.

Thank you for the prayers fir my family's healing. Please continue to pray for my son Jake to embrace his spirituality and hus sobriety. Thank you again.

Please pray a deep puncture wound I received Sunday would be healed without infection. I ask for the skin to regrow in the 1/2 inch hole to the bone. That it would not affect the walking I need to do for my job, my job performance or the ability to workout but that all three would be miraculously enhanced. Thank you in Jesus Name.

Please pray for me in the cry and direction of the human heart. Thank you with love. In Jesus' name.

Please pray that Sean will be approved for a student loan. Thank you.

Psalm 18:32-39
In Jesus' Name, I Pray God's Will for You Today
I pray that God will prepare you for the battles you will face in life. May He train your hands for combat and arm you with strength. Praise Him for He gives you a shield of victory and makes your adversaries bow at your feet. I pray that your help will always come from the Lord, for He is your refuge and strength. In times of trouble, may He sustain you and make you great. I pray that you will honor God in all your battles and glorify Him in your victories.
In Jesus' Name, Amen.

My psycho brother Jeff is raving again and I am so afraid for my elderly parents and me. We can't call the police again because he has threatened to kill us if we do and God is not hearung our cries for help pleasepray for us everyone please!!!!!!!!

Dear God
I pray for your guidance in every area of my life. Help me to focus on the positive side of siuations. In the world that we live in today help me Live everyday and not be so sheltered and a afraid to take the necessary steps into my future. Thank you God for all that you've done and will do in Jesus name Amen!

Pray for Brad that he is ok and all works out to the good for him and for God's favor on him. Pray he will call me soon. Pray for Heather to be protected and safe each day /night and that she has safe travels. Pray for Carolyn, Angie, Dawson and Mallory for safe travels. Pray for Sandra to continue to get better. Pray for Amanda to be healed and not to have anymore seizures and they will find out the reason. Pray for safety of all our servicemen and women for their protections . Pray for Peace on Earth. Thanks Denise

Please deliver our family from the evil of mental illness. Thank you God for your constant providence. Help us to trust you more. Amen.