Pray for Others

My heavenly father I Pray for my home today that it pass the no lead test and everything go well with the inspectors and I get a good bill of health on my home also protect me and mago and the dogs our home and may my roof and plumbing be done soon and right and may it all be according to your will I Pray in Jesus Name Amen,

That my daughter and my son and me loose the weight we need to be healthy as fast and healthy as possible.

Please pray for Robert.

Pray for my Job situation so I would like to work instead of staying home allday long. I am looking for a new Church, and I am looking for a new home with a safe neighborhood without Violence, Drugs, Gangs, and not to get into trouble with the police. I am also wanted to go to The Bible College of my choice. Pray for my life,health and strength and pray for my spiritual growth and also my spiritual needs as well.

Please pray for my marriage, please pray for my husband and please pray for me.

That God place his healing and loving hands on Pete's (33 year old that recently passed) family, especially his 2 young boys.

Please pray for healing from diagnosis of cervical cancer and strength to undergo radiation and chemotherapy. That God will replace fear and anxiety with peace.

that god heals my joints and especially my knee from surgery that never healed so i can work and that he gives me a job i can do

Please pray for me that I should finally be rid of anxiety and panic attacks. I have "had" them my whole entire life (64 years) and I am practically housebound due to them. Both sides of my family have been sufferers of this plus depression. I know deep in my heart that God heals all and that I am perfect in HIM. But that niggling little thing hampers me totally. I know that I need to just let it go....I wish that I could just pluck it out and fling it to the heavens to get lost in oblivion. I am not my best self due to this....Is this a generational curse? I witnessed both my parents in the throes of depression and anxiety. Both of them adopting addictive behaviors. Thank GOD I do not. I just want to be free. I was a good daughter, good wife, good mother, good friend, good mother, good worker.
I just want the rest of my life to be free of the uncalled for anxiety and fear. I can face life....all kinds of stuff has been thrown my way....I am strong...just want the invisible threat to leave me. Thank you very much. Sandy

My son Kelly is undergoing surgery for his knee right now. I ask for your prayers for him to come out of the surgery and his heart is strong.