Pray for Others

Will everyone please pray that Sierra will be scheduled to be my nurse for Saturday and Sunday. She is a Christian and when she works the entire atmosphere is completely calm. I really need this. Thanks Ann

Prayers really really needed please ... Several unspoken prayer requests please

Please pray for my sister Cori. Her heart is enlarged on right side due to other health issues and she is getting a heart cath procedure done this am. Please pray that God will heal her heart completely and the procedure will go well. God Bless you! Thank you.

Please pray that the Lord will heal my impotency and bless me with a normal libido as this problem is causing me much pain and humiliation. By His stripes we are healed. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.
Thank you for caring.

Thank You dear Lord for helping and healing my loved ones and I. Thank You for blessing our finances and employment searches. Thank You for Your guidance, love, joy, and comforting Light. And thank You for Your holy angels watching over us and protecting us. In Christ's Holy Name we pray.... amen.

Keep Ellie, Betty, Corrine, Bob, Dane and Christina Lord from false gods, we believe with them and for them in the One True God in Jesus name Amen Create in us clean hearts and renew a right spirit in us, casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of You, God and we likewise Lord Jesus Christ bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of You, in Jesus name Amen IICor10:5,6,7

Dear Lord,
I pray that you heal Dr. D of cancer. I pray that you heal my husband and allow us as a family to move to New Mexico to help our daughter with her project. In Jesus name. Amen

please pray for me, need help from Jehovah Jireh my provider, need an increase in my monthly check, once I pay my 990.00 rent nothing is left over for food,phone, and to send my son to school, I have to borrow 30 dollars to put on my rent. thank you God bless you Shalom

Our son is a hopeless and burned out drug addict and thief. He is a manipulator, bum, and has zero respect for anyone. He has been to prison and didn't blink. I am raising his daughter because he has no means to do it. He bounces in and out of our lives wanting money. A place to stay. More money and couldn't tell the truth if his very life was at stake. We have battled this for years and gone broke. Now here we are again in our 50s raising a baby. Please pray for complete separation from him. Pray for his protection and provision as well as ours but please pray he will go away. We have nothing to offer at this point and he isn't even legally allowed to be around his daughter so he can't be with us anyway. He's back begging again. We need help. Please ask God to spare us any more of this insanity. We are doing enough. This man is 34 years old

Lord, Please give my sister, Elisa, strength and good health so that she is able to continue to deal with her husband's health issues; and so that she may enjoy her grandchildren and daily life.