Pray for Others

For it all to work out...

please pray that my ssa.appeals case be appoved this week in the blood of jesus amen

Please pray for me. From the time I was a child to this day. Every thing in my life is disappointment and. Setbacks. Please Pray for me going through a whole lots of problems. When it seems like am there I find myself right back. Thanks

Leandra is in a psychiatric hospital, she tried to commit suicide. My son Chris may be part of the reason. The devil has got ahold of him, he is back with and living with the girl who is the devil.

Please pray with me for all. Please pray with me for my children and their friends. Please pray with me for the children they have to be near when not at home. Please pray with me always, keep them safe, protected, watched over, behaved, smart, wise, laughing, coming along together, helping their siblings, doing as they are told, loving and kind, merciful, full of joy, talents, peace, loves and obeys their mother and father. Please pray for me, I give my all to Jesus/God, myself, my everything goes to God/Jesus always. God/Jesus, Please fight for me, my children, teach us wisdom, how to love, how to be maturer, how to laugh without hurting anyone's feelings, how to listen, how to work hard, how to be a child of God/Jesus, how to help others when we don't have nothing, how to be respectful, how to solve our own problems, how to pray for what we asking for, how to give, how to receive, how to be great, how to love one another, how to love our siblings, and parents, how to love our in laws, how to be a winner at all we do always, how to be the best, Amen

Please pray for me so that may continue to heal and have energy so that I may help others

Please pray that my daughter, Lexi, do well on her final exams. She has been studying long and hard but is still anxious. Thank you and God bless. CG

Dear God So Be It the miracle of LOVE LOVE LOVE leads us guides us strengthens us, helps us weave new, better ways of being, of forgiving, loving, empowering balanced actions & for perfect love love love-centered God-Guided healing solutions for ourselves and others, created in SAFETY SAFETY PROTECTION LOVE LOVE LOVE HEALING in Thy Ways! May Love be the Solution in each case, that we are always closer to You with each solution, constantly, & may Everyone be blessed with more love each day! TyGod

Please pray for my friend Kathleen that just found out she has breast cancer and is meeting with the surgeon tomorrow. Thank You

my 7 yr old niece has a brain tumor and sees the nuerosurgeon tomorrow and my brother has kidney cancer and sees the the surgeon on the 26th please pray for them and the family. thank you and God Bless you for your prayers