Pray for Others

February 23, 2015
Please help me pray for my daughter Brittany, for that her student loan money to be released into her account ASAP with NO hinderance No trouble this week.

Abba Father in the name
For J,
Wisdom, understanding, healing, fellowship, work.

Please pray for my brother, sister-in-law and their unborn baby girl. Ultrasounds indicate that she has many problems and is not expected to live. They have three healthy children who also need prayers at this time. Baby is due to deliver within the next week or two and know this will be an extremely hard time for all. Thank you

Have not prayed for months, lost faith. Feeling depressed, just found out friends are moving away, the saved money has to go to car repairs instead of paying off debt, can't get ahead ever-feel like giving up

I thank the Holly Father!! For you
In Jesus Name i pray all so for you
To. I need you all to pray for my
Family All! My brothers and sisters
My sons and daughters. All of us
Pray for our health and our wealth
All so pray for our friends and all
Of GOD!!! childrens where ever we
Are. :) My Name is James-

My daughter in law had a ultra sound and they found a cyst on the baby's brain, we go tomorrow for a level 2 ultra sound. His due date in July 19th. Please prayer the baby and my son and his wife. Healing, good health and peace. Thank you

For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them. Please say a prayer for my granddaughter Alexianna. That she is not pregnant. Neither her mom nor I are in any condition to help her with this. please, please ask the Lord to help us with this.

My husband s health. Mind, body, and soul, (Joe) and his retirement . Frank - who is in a fight for his life with cancer. Alicia for a.less.stressful job. Peace in our troubled world. And most of all I thank God for being in my life.

Please pray with me that a great guy, Max, will ask me out me out soon. Please also pray that I pass my exams this Wednesday and that I can start working a spring job.

Dear lord, please provide me with an opportunity to talk to Jeff face to face. Please manifest and facilitate this meeting. Please help us resolve our differences and come to mutual understanding. Please hear me and let Jeff understand how important this meeting is to me. Dear lord, please let Jeff contacting me to meet soon. Dear compassionate Lord, please help me out!