Pray for Others

Please pray for Hunter and Madison that they will be able to stop the visits with their father as he continues to fill them with stories that arent true like he will be back living with them and they will not be able to see us again once their mother is out. I just don't know how a father could do this to a 5&4 years old children. He hasn,t completed any of his conditions the judge set and it has been over a year he just like to hurt us as he has no love for their mothers family. The visits are suppose to be supervised but the worker is not close to hear what is being said. Just what they are doing. The visits are two hrs long but the damage that he is doing hurts them and counceling is only helping so much .Please pray that these visits stop they can only take so much.

Please pray good circulation in my heart and body. And healing in my legs, knees, and hips. So I can get out and walk again for exercise and enjoyment. Thank you for your prayers.

I need prayer for physical, emotional, and mental healing. My diabetes, anxiety, and depression are out of control. Please pray for me. Thank you.

Please pray that James stops having migraine headaches. He had a really bad one again yesterday, April 16th. Please pray total healing from these awful headaches and what causes them. Thank you for your prayers.

Please everyone pray right now that I will not be MOVED out of my room today. Please everyone pray all day that Victor and Linda will stay away from me and all mgt will. Thanks and God bless,Ann.

Please pray for us as we buy our house. Let all of the paperwork and everything go seemlessly. It is quite a stressful ordeal. Pray for me to have peace in the process. God Bless.

Please will everyone pray that my niece will come tommorrow and get all of the boxes. Please pray that my sister will not store them in her BARN. Please pray that she will store them in her house. Thanks and God bless,Ann

pray for my son Mark. He is flying to Polland on Saturday. please pray for his safety and protection.

Will everyone please pray right now that the Lord Jesus Christ will grant me the strength to work with Britney to get the boxes rearranged this morning. Please pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will bring Brittney to me this morning and everything in my room will get done. Thanks and God bless,Ann

Will everyone please pray now that the mgty will allow Caleb to go with me to get the epiderimoraal done. I need someone to go with me and he has went for the last 2. Please everyone pray that he will be able to go with me to the third and last one. Thanks and God bless,Ann.