Pray for Others

Prayer is requested for Y. in China to not despair and be depressed when she reads I need visa and visitation papers to come to China and that June is too close to make that happen. Pray she will not be upset and if she is that she will overcome through her faith. Pray she will be resilent in everything. In Jesus Name

Please pray for my husband (Ben) that A. A. would offer him a job. He passed the test and just had his interview and now he is waiting for the result, Please pray that he will be offered the job. Thank you and God bless you all

Thank you for your prayers. Please pray for my sons and grandchildrens safety and protection. Sons, Xxaxier and Xerell. My grandchildrens, Nathanael, Ethan, Jordun, and Zia. and my daughter-n-law, Shantel.

my granddaughter, kaylie is 8 months pregnant with a baby girl and on methadone...she needs help...the father of her baby is in jail...she lives in another state...her emotions and mental health need healing and she needs someone to help her and love her...

p,ease pray for mark not to lose his trailer because he has no money too pay space rent

Prayer request for a G. p. church member, God to bless:Val .Please lift Val up in Christ JESUS Name.
Val's prayer list:
Direction in the work of God: A spiritual breakthrough; Revival; Good counsel; Fresh breathe of God; Filling of the Holy Ghost.

This is a praise for Al. Melanoma tumors are shrinking & disappearing from his lungs. We give praise to our Holy Father for hearing our prayers. Prayer works! Thank you all for your dedication. Praiseidin You Father for providing. In Jesus name.

unwavering faith i will be mightily blessed with the desires of my heart and the best is yet to come! ijnip always believing! amen

**Please Pray, for my 56 yr. old Son, Terry, in Texas, who has severe Diabetes, and past bouts, with Melanoma! Thanks

heavenly father jesus/yahshua please forgive shannen - a friend who abandoned me please cleanse+protect from all demonic, satanic, witchcraft, voodoo magic+evil spirits from her past, present, future she claims to see hallucinations but is atheist not knowing they are evil spirits tormenting her please save her