Pray for Others

please pray for healing for Mary who is suffering from vertigo. She is very dizzy and this has gone on for 2 weeks. Thank you.

please pray for my teeth to mend and for the gaps to be filled (except the wisdom teeth). I have only 10 teeth left, and because I have Lupus I can't wear dentures. one of my front teeth has gone a bit sharp at the back, and is annoying. I had it filled many years ago. I also have post-traumatic stress disorder, so I am finding the prospect of more dental work daunting. I am just about coping with eating at the moment. I am not in any pain thankfully. the lack of teeth looks awful, and I am trying to find a partner. thank you for praying.

pray dave's migraine will leave and they will find a cure for his situation . Pray he will keep a thankful heart in Jesus name. pray also for his blood sugar issues that he will respond to the new medication without side effects. Help. in a negative health situation.

please pray diane will be offered the job friday. she has to travel every week from CO to v-. pray for divine favor. pray we can switch builders from Ted to Gary. No peace about Ted and his changing the prices from week to week. pray for a clean break. Gary will be willing to be hired as a project manager at 2k/month.
Favor tomorrow ..

Please, please pray for God to give me relief from unending pain; free me from all congestion and let me breathe easily; take the swelling from my feet and heal the cause; restore the use of my arm; let me walk again unattended; and spare my life! Thank you and God bless you all. I ask in Jesus' name. mom

Prayers I can keep my job. someone is trying to take io over. I am very scared, and it is hard on my husband. I am 66 years old. If I can't keep my job that I could find another part-time job that I could do.
God Bless

My son is 43 and lives with me, his mother. He's unable to work because of spending 15 years on the streets of Seattle doing drugs and has a lot of depression and anxiety, etc. He has no income and is trying to qualify for SSI. We really need God's direction. I'm 74 and living on SS. I have a lot of health problems, but it's good that he's here. We help each other. My prayer is God's direction on weather we should move and if so where?? Another county or California. (My daughter is a nurse and lives in CA) Neither one of us have felt a need to move, but he has no chance of getting help if we stay in King County. Sorry this is so long. Thank You.

For solutions for the excess ear wax to drain out of, dry up blow away, from ear canals, my perfect hearing restored, Praise God!

I am asking for God's help in dealing with my abusive daughter and in finding housing for us soon. We need to be out of our place by the end of May. I am praying for God's guidance here but hoping that my daughter can find a place herself this summer before she starts college. I need relief from the abuse and cannot afford housing for both of us. I am very discouraged and would pray that my spirits be lifted in these trying times. Thank you.

Please pray for Jeff and Tammy, their 17 year marriage is in trouble. Jeff has been in the service for that amount of time and now out on disability for his back injuries but also he is suffering from PSTD and is having a time relating to those who love him, he wants seclusion and out of his marriage. Please pray the God will intervene and get this couple some much needed help. Thank you for being a servant of God and that he will Bless you and your families. I love you Shirley