Pray for Others

Please pray for all the addicts who are lost and/or alone. May Father God give them the strength to be strong and find their way. May they be released from the clutches of the devil. Thank you

Ask that God will lead us to the right home for her. Heal her mind and heart.

My sister Carol is very ill..and they don't know what is wrong and now my cat, Simba is ill...please pray hard for both of them... I know they are in God's hands...but I can't cope with anymore...I can't live without either of them being healthy. Thank you.

Hello My Friends,
I would like to request that you please pray for my daughters, (both are over 25 years old) and are ready to marry, but have been dating total losers (men who mean them no good). Please (as I have been doing daily) pray for Gods wisdom, protection and guidance to the right man, that He has for them. Great men who will honor Him and them as we expand our family.
In Christ Jesus always :-)
P.S. I have been single for over 10 years and I am still waiting for that man that He has for me too - (o: I know He is faithful and sovereign, amen! Help me Jesus!

My mother in law Cicily -is suffering from uterus Cancer for the last six months. Doctor removed the uterus and recently after the CT scan find that the cancer is spreading. Now doctors suggested to do Chemotherapy.
I am requesting your prayer request. Please pray for my mother in Law (Cicily- we are calling her Amma).
Please pray for our Amma. I am writing this mail from A.
Thanking you,
Jacob -

Please pray that my guests will be at peace and harmony with each other, mutually supportive and working for the common good, and good. And healing for those who need it.

i am asking for prayers to restore the relationship between my daughter and her step father. to restore the laughter we all had as a family. Please pray for us that all can be back to the way it was. i can not cry anymore. god bless you all

Please pray that I am able to secure a position with my current employer. My current position was eliminated 2 weeks ago, and I only have a short time to get another position. I have a phone screen interview this afternoon. Please pray that goes well and will lead to an in-person interview and job offer. Also, that I have other interviews. Thank you for your prayers.

Hi, My daughter Lila 22yr.s old needs prayer ,she's having trouble with a co-worker ,girl ,Lila's age , this girl and Lila clash, that there is peace between these two and that Lila treats this girl how she would want to be treated ,golden rule. Lila needs prayer for her health, she runs, eats healthy food ,exercises but her tummy hurts and sometimes lila feels dizzy, thank god and Thank l u 4 your prayers.

Our family owns a family company which has been approached, for the second time, by a company to buy us out, or go into partnership with them. We have been in business for 29 yrs. - we need God's wisdom, guidance and protection against anything that could be the wrong direction. We need clarity. -- And, I am asking for prayer for our 22 yr. old son, Montana, he has walked away from God. He said at 19 he is gay. I'm asking God to do the impossible in man's eyes - change him. Pursue him relentlessly. Cause him to turn to Him. Do what no one can...speak to him, show Montana Himself in everything he see's, thinks, or goes towards. Direct his path. Reveal to us his parents - All is well. ---- Thank you much....