Pray for Others

I'm going through a divorce, not making the money I'm accustomed to at work. Please pray for me to have money in abundance and continuous success at my job.

Thank you for your prayers. I pray for smooth, positive and fun communication with my bosses and folks at work. May all who talk with me, know God! Have a fun blessed day!

Pray that there will be no divorce between my husband and I. That God will save him from adultery and restore our marriage and family.

Thank you for praying for me yesterday. I made it through the school day. I need prayer to make it through today. I have problems with about eight boys and no real help from administration or parents.

Father I trust you I know great things are coming miracles are happening for my children, for Wally and I will be husband and wife and be stronger together, for my finances I will be buying a house, studio, help my children, and others. Abba please help Wally and myself fight the fear and doubts that try to get to us feel us with your peace Lord I know you brought us together, please put a hedge of protection around my children, Wally and myself thank you God in the name of Jesus Christ Amen!

That Jim, will contact his adult kids, and talk to them and see them again. It has been several years.

I have been praying about a situation at work between my assistant and I for almost two years now. Things have not changed much. Pray that God would show me why my prayers are not getting answered and that He would show me what I am supposed to be learning from this trial, because I am miserable going to work everyday.

Warren,who has cancer, his whole family needs pray of healing.

Father please guide my path and lead me to a happy life. Father help me to follow Your teachings. Father please protect me and keep me in Your care. In Jesus name amen.

I ask for prayer for strength and comfort my mom passed away last month. She was my best friend and it seems as some days I can not go on. My family will never be the same without her. There has been so much turmoil since she has passed my sister and I have not spoken in almost 3 4 weeks not on my behalf. I ask for prayer for her and that her heart will have a change towards me. I also pray that God will help to keep me on my job and give me the knowledge to continue to learn and grow on my new job.. I ask for pray for the rest of my family. And also my friend that helps me in each and every aspect in my life. I ask for pray for guaidence and knowledge in Gods word