Pray for Others

Please pray for my dear friend Tsvetana - health safety and god's guidance. In Jesus name i pray amen.
Thank You

Hi, I need prayer for my brother 54 yr.s who really wants to stop this addiction but can't and my brother is saved, Jesus lives in his heart,my brother falls to temptation then can't forgive himself and feels so guilty pray that God will deliver him and show my brother what to do to conquer this addiction. I'm asking for prayer that my newly saved sister 59 yr.s stays sober and true to Lord Jesus, I haven't heard from her lately but she does work hard and is married . Thank God and Thank u 4 your prayers.

Hi, I'm asking for prayer that God helps me with groceries like A. type tea canned drinks , fresh fruit enough so u can eat a lot knowing there's enough . Thank God my daughter Lila 22 yr.s made dinner the other nite plus desert, I don't get food left hip really hurts and I've been told by my Dr. I have RA. all inside my hip. So it makes it hard for me to go to the food banks like I use to .pray that God helps me to do His will and speak His Promise"s to my body and RA. for healing Thank God and thank u 4 your prayers.

Lord, I pray that you will allow me to find and obtain a job that I love, with the same salary. I pray that you speedily help me in this area. Thank you for answering my prayers. I love you with all my heart. Amen.

Please pray for Ron's kidneys to get stronger now that he's had this pacemaker put in.

Dear lord I pray that you will help Dallas - build
A stronger relationship with my son Alex - today and ever day
Thank you

my daughter tammy needs prayer now she is going to run to - - and she has a warrent out for her arrest here lord needs to close that door and finish out her probation on this side she is leaving with a married man who is separated fromhis wife he is very abusive i have seen it when she went with him before please pray she does for a change

Dear lord I pray that my son Alex T- and my daughter Christina - will build a stronger relationship today and everyday
Thank you

Dear lord I pray that you will help my daughter Christina -find the perfect guy for her to spend the rest of her life with
Thank you

Help me find the right words and guide me heavenly father tomorrow during my interview may your will be done. I know it's all in your hands and you choose if I get hired or not. Give me strength and courage and hope that everything is going to be good whatever the outcome is.