Pray for Others

Please pray for my sister that she may be able to pay her bills and feed her family...that the emotional and physical abuse stops and that she finds peace and comfort

Lord help Wendy get all the work done that needs to be completed today and for the next week, with blessing , guidance and Grace, for Jason, Nicola and also, myself , thank you Father amen

I asking for prayer that I can successfully finish my internship in a phlebotomy lab, and that I pass. And God will help myself and fellow students find employment. Praise and honor to God, and may his will be done

Would you please pray for my friend Edith and her family? She is 94 years old and recently had to be placed in a nursing home because her health needs could no longer be managed at home. She is devastated and she and her family members are having a very difficult time adjusting to her move. It is a stressful transition for all. Please pray for peace , acceptance and support between her family members , and physical and emotional healing for Edith. Thank you for all prayers.

Our 41 year-old son committed suicide today. He has been struggling wit depression for several years and he and his wife of 18 years seperated two months agoand it was more than he could deal with.
Please pray for Eric's soul and for his mother Kate that she will have the strength to deal with the pain and loneliness of the tragedy.

That we sell our business soon at a fair price and the person that purchases it will understand and accept my accounting, for them to be successful and for us to move to be closer to my Dad who is 85 and really wants me near him and to find jobs with benefits that pay well so we can live within our means. Also that we sell our house and office too.

Pray that I Will grow in Faith, I Have faith but keep doubting in my self. I want be closer to God and feel His love and listen to His voice.

Please pray for me as I am being treated for cancer, surgery, radiation etc. Please pray I beat this thing. In Jesus Name

I could check all of your catagories! Right now I am searching ways to become closer to God and to learn how to pray effectively. My son is 18 and I pray he stays on the right path and finds his relationship with God. My husband is sometimes abusive and depressed and at this time I am considering leaving him. I have no job, no income, and in 3 years have been pretty much homeless and helpless. I am attending church and praying all the time.

Lord make a way where there is no way for Laura - to change her mind and rent to me. Let her be kind and gracious too. If this is not the right place for me Lord lead me to the right one PLEASE.