Pray for Others

God, please heal mother, give her healthy kidneys! Bless her life!

For Timmy in his struggles. Be with him Lord Jesus. Amen.

Please pray for God's strength on Janet

Please pray that my 78 year old husband will be healed. He woke up this morning with flu like symptoms. He is in general good health. I am getting ready in case I have to take him somewhere. I know the Lord can heal and I'm asking for prayers. Thank you for your help

Please pray for God peace to be with Michael,,pray for his renewal in mind and body,

Bless all your loving servants in this Guideposts ministry who help and guide us. Thank you, Lord, for my brothers and sisters-in-Christ!

Prayers for financial blessing. Help us get out of the debt we are in and back on track. Please give us guidance

Please pray my son Dan finds a Christian wife.

Last night Lord--you know I received a phone call from my very good friends in my old hometown. they were going to be traveling to the cities in MN.. Their daughters live there--one is married and has 2 darling kids. Well, I found out the married daughter has to have a root canal this Monday, and then she will have a procedure on a cyst on the roof of her mouth......she is very, very frightened, and so is the rest of the family. I told them I would begin praying last night-m Friday for travel concerns, and for the daughter-- and I shall continue to pray even into the following week-whenever the Lord says "it is okay." The parents- Grandpa and Grandma were thankful for my help. Praise God.

Dear Lord-- I do know in my heart that You are my awesome God, and I do know you shall take care of me.....yet, I still feel uneasy, fearful, and a bit scared of how my future shall work out. I have about 4-5 things I am checking into and I need your "hand Lord" to guide me to stop me if it isn't right, and to direct me to your will of where to go. I am tired of just being home--I need challenge in my life. I kind feel "like a fish flopping all around on the dock--with no direct direction and I could flip myself right back into the lake if I keep flopping." I shall keep praying...and then I shall stop and listen.....listen to you Lord. Amen