Pray for Others

Please pray now for our neighbor
Ray who seemed confused as to what day it is and has gone out now , thinking it is morning...please pray , he lives alone thank you

I left my dog's electronic collar on the back of my Prius, then forgot, and drove the car. The collar dropped off somewhere, and neither my husband, nor I, can find it. We need God's help to find the collar.

My. Neighbor. Taking. Chemo. My. Mom. Forgetting.

Thank. You. God. For. The. Right. Guidance. For. Letting. Buy. The. Right. Car

My wife and I are requesting that her disability claim be approved. She has been battling this for 1 1/2 years. It would be a financial miracle and would remove a ton of financial pressure that we are both feeling.

Pray for my son Cody to come back to God

Husband, Terry - had a mid brain hemmorage last Wednesday. He is impressing the doctors whose comments yesterday were they love to be wrong. 1% of the brain has been affected but it's considered the spark plug. He is been included in prayer with friends and family but may I ask that you kindly also include him in your prayers there. Terry has advanced to a light coma and responds to voice commands. The doctore who told me he would not see Monday are now talking about rehab. His left side shows paralysis. Over the next few days, his breathing machine will be adjusted to allow him to breathe for himself. Please pray for Terry's lungs to be able to breathe for himself. This is so essential to the future of the quality of life for him.
I realize you must receive so many hundreds of prayer requests and sincerely thank you
for reading mine in behalf of Terry. He is a wonderful and humble man. This healing will allow him to be a living testimony to the miracle healing that only God can give.
Happy Easter-Linda -

Please pray for James and Kristen. He is pressuring for her relocation so they can marry. But he also is mistreating her in the overwhelm of his local life. She is afraid to relocate into the present level of stress and abrasive communication style. Please pray God guides them both to the right decisions, and gently if His will is for them to part.

Please pray for my daughter. She is in nursing school and struggling with her classes. She has 3 kids and really need this career opportunity to support them. Prayers will be appreciated. And I know God is in control here.

Please pray for my friend Pam. She isn't sure where she'll be living in the near future as her family farm is being sold soon. Her family has owned the farm for several generations and the thought of being forced away from it is heart wrenching. Please pray that God finds them a new home that they will cherish and please pray that her financial worries will be resolved.