Pray for Others

God to bless my efforts at work. God grant me encouragement, strength, wisdom. Asking for God to bring about a new job interview for me. Asking God to grant wisdom when to leave current job. Schedule in the meantime.

I pray for Dave's sister Carol and her family. We haven't spoken in a few years. I don't know why they have stopped talking. I pray that the lord will intervene. And mend this relationship and heal it. restore it.

May you have a fun and blessed day. Thank you for your prayers for me. I pray for smooth fun positive communication my bosses and all at work. May all who speak with me today, better know God!!

Heavenly Father, thank You for my precious children ...I pray salvation over them..please bless Bob,Kath,Bon,Sher,Jeff ...and all the others I love as my children...bless them all and keep them safe...thank You Jesus name I pray .Amen

Thank you Father for all of your blessing this week. I trust, and have faith in only you Lord. I believe in your word. I raise my prayers up to you Lord. Lord thank You for providing a temporary solution to our financial needs. I pray Lord for a permanent one so that we are able to rise above this burden. I pray Lord that we may feel Your presence and see Your light shining and that we may know that You are with us always. Bless us with the wisdom and the means to become financially secure and guidance to do your will. Please help us, save us, give us favor and success today and all week. Bring your promises to pass. Please join your prayers with mine. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Please pray for the health of a close relative who had mastectomy done and undergoing chemoyherapy

I need prayer for the Lord to heal and restore my marriage, and my healing for hearing problems. Also, that Megan would heal quickly from her surgery.

Well. Here I'm again LORD. I failed again on Tuesday. I made poor use of my time. I let people pull me down to a lower level. Things that I have I turn to you. You do your part but I must do my part. We must work as a team. I'm a member and you are my coach. I want to play n not be a benchmarked.
Megan coming along But needs a good job.
Kayla needs a job. Health for Mary n Linda.
Mack's services is doing well.
Good things everyday but failure on my part. Thanks for listening. And thanks for the blessings. Forgive me when I fail. I can. I will. I must. Succeed each day with help from the HOLY SPIRIT. Amen.

Please pray for Paul that his legal issues go well today and he doesn't end up in jail so he will not loose his job.

I'd like prayer for me, My brother passed and my mother passed within a month apart from each other, this April and May. My sisters Deb and Martha came up and turned everything we did for my mom and brother upside down with envy and jealousy. Now my sister Deb has claimed my mothers assets and turned her back on me. This person I do not know anymore. She became power of attorney, money changes people. Please pray for their hearts and for me not to be so angry, to keep telling them what God says and that she will do the right thing with their estate. In Jesus name