Pray for Others

Life has been so difficult for such a long time that I have trouble keeping a grateful heart & seeing God's goodness. Please pray that God help's me keep a grateful heart & helps me find His blessings in everyday. Please pray that my children & I keep our faith.

Please pray for David- and Sarah. They do well in school and they are happy, healthy and safe from trouble and harm along with Jess,Matt,George,Ellen,Nancy,Larry,Monty,Chris,Alex,Baby Lily. Thank you and God bless. Faith,Vicky and families.

I am in a heartbreaking and dire situation and don't know if we will have a place to stay in the near future. Please pray that me and all of my babies are kept safe and provided for and supported, thank you, Chris

Please keep praying for a home for my family. Please pray for a renewal of faith & hope, God's holy presence.

Prayer for my mother she has shingles medicine is qoeking but not going to bathroom going to dr tomorrow she is kinda down say she not getting better please pray for the correct solution to get this corrected and get her spirits back up she is 85

For Mary, my dtr in law's Mom, who was taken to the hospital tonight. They feel she might have had a stroke. It's just been a year since her husband passed and things have just gotten worse. She has dementia and it's been very difficult for her two dtrs. as her sons live out of state. Please help them all.

Please pray for our son Jim, to heal his heart and heal his mind to know that he has a loving wife, children, and parents who love him and care about him very much. Heal our family to be whole again and healed of this divide. With God all things are possible. In Jesus name. Thank you. Amen.

Please pray for our granddaughter, Hadley, she fell and hurt her wrist this afternoon. Please believe with us that it is not broken and that the pain will subside in Jesus' name.

I have a dear friend who is very angry with God for unanswered prayers. I ask that you please pray for her to learn that God answers our prayers in his time, not ours. We have to be patient. She has broken off our friendship because I told her this please pray for our friendship to be mended and made stronger! Thank you!

Dear Angels: Help me increase my income and tackle my debt. Keep me focused on the tasks that will accomplish this. Protect me from tasks and people that divert me. Amen.