Pray for Others

I am struggling for every breath again today and am in great pain! Please pray for God to free me from all congestion, give me relief from the pain, and spare my life. Thank you all and God bless you. I ask in Jesus' name. mom

Please pray for osteoarthritis. and my general health. Thank you.

Please pray for my business and finances. God bless.

please pray for one of my very best friends in this world her name is SHARON and I LOVE HER SO VERY VERY MUCH please pray for her speedy recovery from surgery this week she is the greatest gift this world has ever known SHE IS TRULY A BEAUTIFUL & LOVING ANGEL

Will everyone please pray that I will have a bm quickly right now with out getting sick and not having diarrhea.Please pray the Lord Jesus will grant this miracle to me quickly. Thanks and God bless,Ann

I am ready to move forward. Push me if need be. I have to increase my income. Deep down I know P. can do it. The business model makes sense. The problem is that I am discouraged and scared. Pray that I get the help I need. Pray that I start getting paid. Let me hear God's guidance loud and clear. ... If ye can have faith as a grain of mustard seed......Pray for me to start making money, increase my income and pay off my debt. Remove my resistance. Stay with me God. Carry me until I can encourage myself. Amen.

Please pray for me (Susan).

Please pray for my grandson Zachary help him to be able to get out of the street and free from drugs and dangerous people who are not friends and help him to be a better man you can help him to change and get the help him need to be the man you want him to be one day.Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for my blessings and prayers. Marion

After a month of waiting I just found out I need more medical tests done. Please pray all is well with me, I cant handle one more problem. In Jesus Name

Please pray for me to overcome the temptation to use drugs again. I've been clean for over a year but the cravings have come back severely. I cant battle this alone and I need Gods help. Thanks