Pray for Others

Dear God in heaven please forgive me of my sins. Father please protect me from any and all evil at my workplace. Father please guide my path. In Jesus name amen.

Please pray for my son Greg . He has so many health issues. Especially with his kidneys. He takes care of me and his daughter.

Pray no more panic attacks n no more sickness n pray I stop missing work n pray my job is safe n insure n pray Bob well call me to come in early

I am in distress and need prayer about some concerns I have on my job. It has come to my attention that my employer pays my co-workers a higher salary and bonus for doing the same type of work I do and I don't think this is fair. I have decided I will be thankful for what I have, but I need prayer for God to not allow me to be slighted or treated unfairly in any way and to bring justice in this situation. Thank you.

Please pray for lauren whop is my daughters friend. Currently on life support due to tumor on her spine causing paralysis . She cannot breathe in her own. 19 years old and needs a miracle .
Thank you

pray God He will heal my body especially my knees and feet for the work He has given me to do, in Jesus name amen.

Alan needs a miracle! Please pray hard for God to give him relief from constant pain and heal his back, shoulder, and knee without surgery! Pray, too, for God to give him the strength to perform necessary tasks. Thank you and may God bless you all as well. I ask in the name of Christ, our Saviour. mom

Please pray that God will give me His wisdom and guidance for some major financial decisions that I need to make soon. Thanks and God Bless, Warren

please pray for my friend, R, who commutes daily 2 hours each way for work. Please also pray for her and ask God to put a hedge of protection around her. She is being 'attacked' in church by members.

Please pray for my son, Robert. He is turning 13 soon, and the birthday party that we have planned will only be attended by 2 of his friends, even though he invited several. He is very sad and down about this. He is a good kid, but doesn't think he has any friends and doesn't think he has any gifts (he doesn't play sports but he does sing!). My mama's heart is breaking for him. Thank you for your prayers!