Pray for Others

Please ask God to help us pay the last car repairs we need now. Thank you.

My 85 year old mother underwent major surgery on Friday. I request prayer for her healing and for God's help as I care for her at home.

Spiritual wisdom and strength

Please pray for my little lost dog, Leda. I have given up hope of her returning home and I'm praying that someone is keeping her safe and warm. Please pray for me as I grieve over the loss of my sister - she died of brain cancer 7 months after she was diagnosed. My grief seems to be coming out as anger at other family members. Please pray for my grandchildren to be safe and protected: Hudson, Lilah, AJ and baby Jacqueline.
Thank you so much.

Michael need healing in his kidneys,,

Please pray for my son Chris who is having probs at work. He works outside of the US. He is having probs adapting to the job and b/c of cultural differences he is not sure what he can do improve his performance. Please pray that God will guide him in finding a better job and keeping the current one until he does. Please ask God to heal his,asthma anxiety and depression and increase his self confidence.

Surround Ian with love replace the intense anger-Pull him away from Literary agent for soon as possible, Open & Heal hearts of Abby & Amanda, G- Unified School district to see & valve K.M.-Heal emotionally Eve, Gerry, Jackson, Molly, Nikki, Matthew, Wil, Kara, Jon, Coleen, Anthony, Tami, Gil, Tami’s bosses lost her child last week in a car accident-Heal Jay from all big "C"

Please pray for God to stay with me. Usually I can keep calm, but today, I feel stressed over money, I keep praying for things to improve. Guide me in the right direction. Amen.

Please pray for 2 families that were in auto accident. A 72 yr old lady driving under the influence of alcohol caused the accident and a 29 year old mother of a young child was killed.

I am missing my best friend, my husband! He has fallen into addiction of drugs and alcohol. Enough to say he is not going to stop even if he loses me over it! I miss my family and feel domed and stuck in this sadness that I'm trying to get over. The only thing that gives me comfort is knowing that someday I will be with Jesus, and leave this hurtful world. But until then I'm needing your help in communicating with God and Jesus with me! It's too much for me to bare alone. I need him to take over this one! I'm surrendering all of my emotions to God, because I'm headed for a crash if I don't! Please pray for me! Please