Pray for Others

Thank You Lord for Your help Right Now, help hanging in, hanging in, protection protection, help with best perceptions, Relief relief fm negative energies, forgiveness, forgiveness, for Catheron & Mike, for detachment protection Relief from fear/other negative emotions, with clear knowing, physical health, bounceback fm stresses, free of head pain, protection from TLS & SAFETY IN C's BODY, & being guided to whatever is needed, coping with current facility, & help with today, What to do, Perrrrrfect support, perfect C willllingness, please Lord! For our energy stamina strength endurance much-Protected rest SLEEP SLEEP rejuvenation clear mind & hearts for Catheron Mike Genelle & All All who need! TY God for protection protection protection (our practitioners too) especially from negative energies & emotions, TY Lord for Your many blessings & Your great love sustaining everyone!t

I pray for all who post & pray here for all needs both spoken & un spoken that God will hear our needs and grant us answers in this hour in Jesus Holy name amen

I DECLARE THE ABUNDANT UNPRECEDENTED UN COMMON FAVOR OF ALMIGHTY GOD IN ALL MY AFFAIRS !!! Thank you Father for answered prayer & answers yet to come, thank you for 5000 fee jb thank you for all the new pas accts & all the great accts in my wq may many be insr atry jb pas cash pays for the highest good of all thank you the Holy Spirit is at work in me to change mouth & attitude I DO NOT WANT A FROWARD LOOK A HAUGHTY SPIRIT OR PREVERSE MOUTH I DO NOT WANT TO BE RUDE & ANGRY , keep these far from me & cause me to be my very best thank you for a huge attitude of gratitude cause me to be happy joyous free pleasant courteous helpful thank you for a huge windfall wealth to fall upon me in rightful ways that I may retire & help others more thank you for significant wt loss to quit smoking & for my lifemate/husband yet to come thank you for healing back knees feet thank you for blessings mom & david jen with all there needs thank you for restoring my feet to perfect health amen

pray for me that God may protect me from attacks pray for me that God may provide for me funds for ministry projects

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. I believe this to be true! Unwavering faith my miracle is coming and i am going to be blessed with all the desires of my heart! I believe and i feel mightily blessed. We will finally be together soon and the rest of this year will be amazing! Ijnip waiting expectantly and excitedly. Amen.

Please pray that it be God will that a good and loving man comes into my life who will truly love me and want me

Please pray that Bud's business improves and things go in the right direction for us. We are both tired of the failures and hardships and the stress that comes with it. Can't keep this up. I'm scared. Thank you and God bless.

Please pray that Mike receives help in paying his rent in graduate school for the next year. Thank you and God bless.

Miracle prayers for Dustin. To take the once in a life time opportunities God has provided him with. To embrace the awesomeness of life and live the dream. To take the chance while he has it. i believe his blessings are coming and God will give him strength and see him through this. ijnipa

please pray for mary who is having cartoroid surgery the 12th, for me for my feet , they say its neuropathy & no help or cure for it but please pray Gods perfect will & healing and let me walk freely comfortably again, for david health & sales, jb to keep the pas acct mom for all her needs, & please pray for all in need and thank you for your rpayer