Pray for Others

Prayers that my husbands motorcycle sells quickly and for our asking price.

I am desperate for a financial blessing - yay a miracle.
Our business is small family and one very large account(another family?) moved from us and it is a major blow to our stability. We have cut family - to let them do other things but we pray fervently to our Heavenly Father - in Jesus' Name for this help! AMEN!

Please let my boyfriend Tim to be sentenced to probation when he goes to court on May 4th so he can get out and learn to live on the outside he's done enough prison time in his life

I pray for clientele for my business in Jesus name. Amen

Hi I ask for a prayer of healing and spiritual connection and reconciliation to God. I have lost myself in my goals, life and priorities. Not loving myself as I should I feel like I have lost the spirit and Love of the lord. I really feel alone and I need Gods blessing right now. I try to give it all to him and I can't seem to lean on my faith. I need to be redeemed and back with God. I thought I would be happy by leaving my unhappy abusive husband and I would have the spirit of energy to succeed to proper and live as God wants me to. Please pray for me. God said if Ask he would.

Please send a buyer for our house and send a job for my husband Greg.

I would like prayers. Feeling very sad, frustrated and angry. I can't seem to care about myself, my health and life in general. I want/need to lose weight to help with my medical conditions. Sleep apnea, Diabetes, HBP & Cholesterol. I'm an emotional eater...not for hunger but emotions. I want to change but can't seem to get to the first step. I procrastinate, say I'm going to do something then don't follow through. I can't "hate" myself into change...and yet I can't "care" about myself into change either. I don't feel like I'm worth it. Thanks for any prayers you offer on my behalf.

Pray for my brother, Russ to find a job.

For strength and peace with all the tests that he will be having on Wednesday.

I am being let go from my job in 45 days. I need a prayer of agreement that God will bless me with a better one by the end of May