Pray for Others

I ask for prayer for my husband. He is very stressed. His health is terrible and waiting on the doctors is not helping. We are going through a bankruptcy and may lose our home and he has done everything possible to help this situation. I ask that he be given peace, healing and kept safe, sound and sober. I know this is already happening and thanks be to God.

Lord, today I lift up myself, for more strength and more spiritual renewal. There is so much going on in my life, finances, work, a new business that I have to stop and remember to pray and follow God's word. Help me, Lord, to follow your word, to learn to take time for you. I do my prayers everynight, but I need more and I ask you to show me how. I love sitting on my front porch first thing in the morning, the quiet helps to feel closer to you. Help me bring that back because it is an important part of my life and help me to get a roof over my makeshift porch this year so I can go out there even when it rains, I ask you this in Jesus name, Amen. I love you God.

Please pray that God bless our finances so that we both retire very soon, live long healthy lives, and are financially stable and that we enjoy life at a slower pace. Pray that financially we can keep up with the expected and unexpected bills, share time with our relatives and friends, especially the elderly or ill, enjoy short trips and enjoy the beauty of God’s world around us. Please pray that my wife gets good reviews and raises and that my social security payments are enough to cover the bills and are enough to repair what needs to be repaired and to replace what needs to be replaced. Please pray that we travel safely and accident free. Please pray for her surgery, recuperation and therapy to not be very painful. Please pray that we travel safely and accident free. Pray for our investments to prosper so we have some money for retirement.

Lord, help me to get a better paying job, at your will. Help me to manage my money, pay off my debt, give to charity, have a safety net savings. Help me to live on my own free from domestic violence and cancer.

Pray for my Grandson Matt who is Angry with the world. He has a good heart but this anger over takes him. Pray for my Children who are living in poverty. No help from the government. Barley making it . I can't help them no more financially.

In moving to a new city with my husband 10 years ago leaving my family 2 hours away, we recently divorced. I have a great job but I don't have a clue what my future holds. I ask God for some sort of nudge, sign or something to let me know where and what I am supposed to do. I am 54 and starting over, I don't want to go the wrong way or end up with the wrong person. I would like you to agree with me in asking God to show me something soon as it's been a year and I feel like I am still waiting on something to happen.

Please say a prayer that my daughter moves back to A., her name is Amanda and she could have a wonderful job and a new man in her life if she was willing to move and take a chance on love. Thank you, and God bless.

Please pray for my daughter Amanda was trying to heal from learning that her boyfriend cheated on her. Thank you and God bless.

Pray that my son & his wife do not stray from each other. Pray that his wife sees the harm she is causing and pray that the devil leaves her. Pray that they create a stable & loving home from their sons (my grandsons). Pray that the ones trying to tear them apart, fail. Pray that they become financially secure. Wrap your protective arms around them. Let them know you are always with them.

Pray that my son & his wife have happiness, health, safety, be financially secure. Pray that my son finds a job soon. Pray they have love. Pray that their baby will be healthy and happy. Wrap your protective arms around them and let them know you are always with them. AMEN