Pray for Others

for my grandson 33 years old who is an alcoholic and is about to lose everything I have prayed daily for him and asked others to now pray as it seems he just cant give up the alcohol it is ruining his life and our families lives His Name is Blake -and Our whole family needs your prayers to know how to deal with this terrible problem God please hear our prayers

For working peers who bring divission jealously and power trips who cut throats by gossiping and bringing división the enemy is at work.for me to be strong.

Katherine is 84 years old with macular degeneration and is having a double bypass this Monday June 1st. She lives alone but has 2 sons who live out of town and they will take turns being with her. Thank you for your prayers.

For my sons to start the next phase of their lives. For their faith to strengthen, the bad habits to lessen, for them to meet the women God has chosen for them to marry and for them to then start their families. May I trust in God. Thank you and God bless.

For the safety of everyone as they come to our community for a 4 day celebration. May everyone stay safe and make wise decisions. The celebration is the first weekend of June. Thank you and God bless.

Soon I will 47 years old I woke up crying today. Yesterday, I was rejected by a man. After all these years of being single I was actually attracted to someone. Please pray for me to be healed within my dreams and soul. I had married a man in 1994 who became a rapist/alcoholic man that I had to support. Separated in 2005. he has recently died this past March. Thankfully, I don't have to deal with his death threats. my father died & I have never met him. my stepfather looked at me & treated me like dirt. Sadly, I have continued to seek out either arrogant or abusive men that appear to resemble his behavior. I have tried the online dating approach. I have met ppl on Facebook. But, all of this has led to heart ache & sometimes these men are deceptive. I do not drink or party & I am raising 3 kids. The oldest will graduate this month. I want healing from wanting to experience a kind and mutual love. I do not want to want any more. Because as kind & sincere that I am .. I end up hurt. thank you.

My daughter katelyn feels she is unable to do her job, she feels lost and afraid to make mistakes. This fear is eating her up inside. She can do this job with no problem if only she had faith in herself. Please she is so in need of your prayers, giving her that faith she seems to have lost will change everything for her. She needs your prayers. I know that she will be fine, I just need everyone to pray for her. My prayers are not enough to help her, she needs help. Please pray for her. I thank you with all my heart

Please pray for Ania and her children.

Please pray for Agnieszka and her children.

Please pray for my marriage.