Pray for Others

Please pray my daughter finds a job. She lost her job and needs to pay her rent. She has some interviews, pray she gets one of them. In Jesus name I ask and pray. Thanks

Pray for sister, Sue. She is being treated for cancer. Please pray that she will be and temain cancer free. Pray for her doctors to keep the agressive cancer cells away. She only has one kidney. Pray that she gets stronger with each day since her surgrry. She has several stents placed in her heart. Pray for a healthy heart.
Thank you.

Thank You God everyone's healing & everything for everybody is going so easily, & everyday all is easier easier easier happier healthier easy good decisions more peaceful for everyone than the day before! Thank You this occurs in Your Will & Grace! TY we choose Life & uplift self/others with our right actions & perfect strong solutions for the complex problems of our beautiful planet, people & ourselves! Thank You God, in true gratitude, with good attitude for Your many many blessings for everyone!!

Please help in the fight against pancreatic cancer. Doctor says this is incurable, but prayers do help. MaryAnn is in a lot of physical pain.

Please pray for Toya a 17 year old who is having serious spinal surgery in E. My daughter is a P. C. volunteer who is asking for prayers. The family and Toya are very afraid.

Please help heal cardiac and lung problems

Please pray with me for healing for me james and my wife Dorothy that Jesus will heal our bodies and blood. In jesus name I pray amen

Please pray for my daughter who is facing several exams in this year 12 (-Australia). Hopefully she will do well in every exams especially the HSC examination.
Please pray also for my son that everything goes well in his uni study.
Lastly, please pray for my husband job interview today. Hopefully he will get the new job again soon after his redundancy last October, with the good conditions/salary and suitable job descriptions as he was very stressful with the previous job.
Thank you for your prayers. May God forgive all our sins and bless us all. Amen

Please pray that I have a peaceful nights rest and that the anxiety be healed and that my mind and body be healed and that the doctor be guided to do the right thing

failing eyesight