Pray for Others

I read all these prayer requests and don't feel that mine is as urgent as most but I hope you will help me by praying for my daughter Chelsea and her boyfriend. I worry about my daughter and her boyfriend of one year. They have been separated in distance because of school and work but have managed to keep the relationship going. She has been in only one other relationship but feels this is "the one" They are great when they're together but she has a hard time expressing her feelings and making him feel important through their text messages. I'm married to her father and I understand her boyfriends frustration because he is not good at verbally expressing himself. PLEASE pray that she can overcome this and begin to communicate clearer. He has mentioned this to her a few times but she says she doesn't always know what to say. Not being one that ever dated much, she feels uncomfortable expressing herself and I'm afraid it is hurting their relationship. Thank you!!

Dear brothers/sisters,
Please continue praying for David and his lawyer. Pray for the lawyer will get all necessary documents to file on time within the project. Pray for the lawyer will update us and May God's Mercy, Love, Power and Righteous being with this matter. Pray for Heavenly father open a door for David and he is able to stay at Canada to restart his new life. Pray for we have peace without heart and mind as it's way too much we can handle. Thank you for all your support.

I ask the Lord to help heal our family. Remove the stress of financial burden and keep us safe, healthy, and happy. In Jesus name. Amen

My marriage is on the rocks. My husband do not work, he is so depressed he wakes up every morning while im getting ready for work wanting to argue. He has called my job like 10 times this morning trying to start a fight. I am at my wits end. Please pray for me.

Please everyone pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will grant me the miracle that I have been praying for when Juanita hands out the next dose of my medications to me.The Lord Jesus will know exactly what the miracle is. Thanks and God bless,Ann

Please pray for Alan to accept Christ today and ask God to completely heal his body, mind, and spirit. Thank you and may God bless you all as well. I ask in the name of Christ, our Saviour. mom

Prayer for relationship reconciliation with r

Thank you for joining in Prayer for Ana-total healing for her mind, body & spirit. Healing from a recent bad fall. Healing from heart condition, diabetes, liver problems, depression, and off oxygen. Breathing & walking normally. Reading Bible and in a true church. Happy Life in Jesus ! Amen

Please pray son Dan has favor in his job as a teacher- a good rating ("effective") and granted tenure. I pray he is happy.

Pray for my granddaughter Gracie as her dad picks her up to spend the weekend . Please give her peace and contentment Lord. I pray their won't be any problem with her father and my son Mark or any of our family. Amen