Pray for Others

this is my third prayer request for this issue. I am currently in job that I work harder than everyone else and get no recognition for it and everyone treats me with indifference. I have been miserable for almost 6 years in this job. I have an opportunity that has come up that sounds great but it would be a major cut in pay and I can't take another cut. I need help from God in finding the right job quickly. one where I won't be miserable and will pay me enough salary. I am about to lose my mind where I'm at and I'm very depressed everyday about it. please pray for me and this that it comes swiftly. I will also continue to pray for those who put their prayer requests on here. thank you and God bless you all.

Dear lord I pray that you will help me to pay off all of my credit card debt today and everyday thank you

I have a temporary job which may play out at anytime now. Please pray that God will open the door to a good job that I will have peace at. My friend in the P. also has been jobless for 2 years now. Pray that Jade - will be blessed and doors will be opened to her as she works to start a business there. My step-father has been having mini-strokes. Please pray that he will recover.

Dear lord I pray that you will help me to win the cash five lottery today and everyday thank you

To get. The home equilty and car. Paid off. So. I can be stress free

prayer for ears nose and throat infection

Please pray for God to be with me tomorrow when I go to see my surgeon and to the hospital for my preop visits! Pray for everything to be okay, so the surgery can be this Thursday, June 4th as scheduled! Pray for God's presence during this surgery! The rotator cuff on my right arm is 80% torn and needs to be repaired before it gets worse! I am right handed, so this surgery and how successful it is will greatly improve my quality go life! I am leaving everything in God's hands, so please pray for Him to be with me! Thank you for your prayers, and may God bless you richly!

Please pray for Bill, Sophia, Ella, Lisa, Lily and Pam for protection and safe travel and good health. Also for Matthew for safety and good health traveling next week out of the country. Thank you for your prayers. God bless you.

Dear lord I pray that you will help me to be successful at my job at J. area school district today and everyday thank you

Dear lord I pray that you will help me to be successful at my job today and everyday thank you