Pray for Others

My daughter Claire needs urgent prayer. She was approaching final exams at her small college when she walked in and found a male friend had hung himself. She is struggling and not able to take final exams but insisting on taking them even if she is fails them. She is not seeing clearly. Please pray for Gods guidance to reach her urgently.

I am a backslider and would like to renew my walk with God. I have been chased by the demons for such a long time now. I have been praying without ceasing. I need your prayers to help me to become stronger in my walk with God. Thank you so much

God the young boy has responded that he only stole 2 things that night but didn't steal my sons third. Bless me lord how to handle this. The boy is a thief and can be prosecuted for that but lord I want peace for my son. Be the center lord I beg of you and let justice prevail

PLEASE pray GOD heals everyone of their needs, requests and concerns. I am asking fer HEALING of ears according to the scripture... I AM YAHWEH ROPHE THAT HEALETH THEE.

My request fits in many categories...I am a christian, that has no church, but wants one, I am struggling with what I believe is a soul tie, a stronghold towards addiction,( but I am clean many years but thoughts are coming back), I'm a new mom, and it feels like DEMONIC OPPRESSION to cause me to stumble. I don't want to. I need help. I have no car yet, I was just approved for disability, I'm 37 yrs old. I believe in Christ and the unseen world all around us..Please pray God helps me to know what to do to REMOVE this oppression.....Thanks Renee and baby Isabella

Praise the Lord for listening to our prayers! I pray for the following and ask God's Guidance and wisdom for the following: 1) family estrangements, 2) husband and my intimacy problems (physical and emotional), 3) salvation for Jewish SIL and for friend Gordan and some gay friends

I have been suffering from severe Iliotibial Band Syndrome and Chronic Bursitis in my right leg and hip for over a month. The pain is so severe that I am unable to even stand up for more than 20 seconds. I have become almost 90 percent bed-ridden due to the chronic pain. Despite medication and therapy, no relief or improvement has occurred.
Please pray for me that the Lord will heal this excruciating affliction and remove it from my body. My life and activities have come to a complete halt due to this horrible pain. The depression is becoming overwhelming. Thank you and God Bless you for your prayers for me. ~~~Mark

I request healing and wholeness of ears. I touch and agree with the needs and requests of others. Have mercy JESUS I ask. You said we have not cause we ask not. Well here I am praying ur blood over all our circumstances and I ask for PEACE as u answer them

Please pray for my son, Adam, that he can stay focused with his studies and do extremely well on his college finals this week and next week. Thank you for the prayers and support.

I ask everyone to pray for my 21years old son Bradley -,he his in college and work at night.please pray for his safety and that God will continue to bless and keep him safe.