Pray for Others

Healingo of a blood vessel rupture of the eye and for what's causing it.

May God Bless Everyone !Thank You God for You & everyone who prays!!! TY God for loving my son Mike, held safely in Your arms, for Your help on our journeys, with perceptions & regulated emotions, healing from & protection protection from negative actions & energies!! & forgiveness of the past for us both!! For peaceful happy resolution of needed issues & LOVING EACH OTHER. TY God for healing, forgiveness, patience with each other, my willingness to heal, relieve his burdens, his willingness to cease unhelpful behaviors, support my healing needs, & willingness to help shield me from stresses. Particularly, I pray for his mercies so he doesn't abandon me or his or my needs, in this, & our being freed fm fear. TY for Your help God that we easily Rest & SLEEP, Rest & SLEEP!! Guided by You. For Your Blessings to his work on U. C., Book, & my hopes. TY God for Your mannnny blessings for Everyone today!!!

I am asking that GOD show favorite over Dajuan -. Show him that GOD has the last word and show him to have faith in GOD to give him GLORY

please pray for my son, mark, to turn his life completely around...also, he is hungry and has no food...he wants me to send him older man, Tom V. has allowed mark to park his trailer on his land for free and mark is helping him...for his rent...please pray for Tom v. for God's blessings over him and thank you God for Tom's help to mark...i pray for tom to be patient with mark and for mark to get his driver's license back, as tom wants him to drive his equipment... thank you for your prayers...mark's daughter just had a baby girl last Thursday..Kaylie almost died after the c-section..had to had a lot of blood transfusions..the baby is fine, Elizabeth Jean, but has jaundice...kaylie is on methadone and was given a lot of drugs due to complications of c-section...she is going to breast feed...please pray for God to protect the baby...and for the father, David, to be a godly father

I wish I could pray like Jesus!

Dear Lord- I come before you to ask that you restore Katie and Trey's feelings- renew their relationship and help them to be friends and find love again. In Jesus Name I pray- Amen

My Nephew John - has stage four cancer and I know every thing is in Gods hands now, but, I believe in the power of prayer and am requesting prayers for healing. Thank you.

Please help us with our debt let this issue of money help us we can have a fresh start we will never get on debt again if for our good have is get a modify from house people. I only of for the best to us. We still have car insurance fees house we will always have to work I really need to go to V. very soon. It will be best for us watch over jrbs. They need your protection and guidance I know they believe in god. Talk to them teach them of your love

Dear My Heavenly Father, please don't think this as a selfish prayer but a prayer of need. You know what all is going on in my life, but now is one of those times I seem I can not handle it. I know others are in a much more need, but I feel that I'm losing my mind worrying over all this. I know not which way to turn. I am begging for your guidance, strength, faith, & love. There is something in my praying that must not be right because I still need you more & more each day. Please guide me. The words I am most afraid of is "Let Thy Will Be Done", that's because I'm selfish. Please let me handle whatever is that I'm facing. In Jesus Name I pray Amen.

I pray for enough finances to be able to get in a private house and out of apt living. The apts i am are really starting to turn into the devils den. I really need to get out!!