Pray for Others

please pray for Justin to have patience and to stay close to the Lord...he went to church yesterday...he is not being allowed to see his baby who lives with her mother and her parents...there has been a lot of problems...the maternal grandparents were being kind to justin and now are being very hateful...justin is not allowed at their house...they said they have a life to live and justin was coming over too much...God please heal and restore kindness/peace and civility between everyone...the maternal grandmother called and swore at justin's grandpa who has never done anything to any of them.. we want to move to another state to get away from this...I am 67 and my husband is 68...we have never gone through anything like this before...we try to get along with people

donna ha heart trouble and lupis she is going trew a divorce and very sick needs gos healing mined and body

I must go to a dermatologist to see if recurring skin "blotches" are cancer or something else. I am in need of an "emergency" hip replacement. But if I have to have Chemo, that will kill a hip replacement, which I need right now, for my back's sake, which hurts because it is curved. I need a miracle, God's mercy, for my faith is very weak; fear takes over. It is hard to hear from God now, knowing what to do. Please pray I have clear direction and the right treatments. These are honestly a tiny part of my physical problems. I need an emergency injection of faith right now. May God forgive all my sins and get me on a right track. My nerves, physically, are frayed, so it makes thinking straight - hard!
Ron -



need work like yesterday

Please pray for wisdom for concerning how to deal with printers problems as well as K. issues. I thank you for praying for me.

Prayers for friend Harvey, diagnosed with cancer. 2nd surgery proved it is more advanced. Prayers for help with stabilizing the pain and answers for next steps to take. Prayers for the medical staff and for his wife.

Pray for my oldest son & grandsons that they stay together & have happiness. Pray that the ones that have lied & hurt them leave them alone. Pray that his wife does not betray him & they get their finances under control. Pray that my husband finds a job that pays our bills so I can continue to keep our grandson. Pray that my youngest son finds happiness & a job he enjoys and happiness with his wife and daughter. Pray that my mom & mother in law get their BPs under control & they feel better. Pray that my family has health, happiness, love, peace, safety, strength & financial security. May GOD Bless You All. In THY name I pray,

Pray that my son & grandsons stay together. Pray that his ex-wife sees the harm she is causing and pray that the devil leaves her. Pray that they, together, create a stable & loving homes from their sons (my grandsons). Pray that the ones trying to hurt them (son & grandsons) apart, fail. Pray that son become financially secure. Wrap your protective arms around them. Let them know you are always with them.