Pray for Others

Be able to pay my bills and restore and my finances to manageable state.

God help me with my horribly broken heart, every, day.

For C, total healing willingness, & healed R arm foot, feet, skull-sides esp L, healed for circulation tissue strength alignment, all teeth bonetoothnmarrow healed esp R upper rear two, brain stem & EYES esp L, & their circ vessels protected fm all stress, CLEARED MOIST EARS/SINUS, for fear removed gone gone, for all, TY FOR PRAYING! for healing being easier, much much SAFETY SAFETY, situation doable, for MAFC all here happy healing low stress, all peaceful, calm, C in Love W/ God, all are!

health,loneliness. need my soul mate,my family & financial stability,jesus wisdom. thanks for God's grace & mercy

I need many prayers to move my mom and sister to Wisconsin from Illinois.

Please pray chair issue resolved as I need, that Ivan, mgr., n C get along harmoniously, that he gets what I need easily, please God. That Chris keeps on in support of that.

If possible I need God's help in finding a perfect place for us to move to in a couple months. The main issue is my dogs. We rent and need a place to take our 3 with is. Two are older Sherland Sheepdogs and one is a Papillon They r all nice dogs. We have to move because I was working 2 full time jobs to get 2 kids thru college now 2 are graduated and I have one son left in college but I'm going to be 58 in a couple weeks and so physically and mentally tired mostly concerned someone to live nice neighborhood and please our pups too.

Pray that God will bless our finances so that we can bless others!

Pray that God will heal my depression and chemical imbalance!

Please pray for a very serious stronghold be lifted off of James. He needs to remove the wicked in his life and put God First. Please open Shana's eyes to letting James go... they are unhealthy for each other. She needs to just move on in her life and he needs to let her go. His health is now failing from the stress of their relationship. They need to let each other go. She is the wrong woman for him, she doesn't see it, he does but continues to remain in this sick relationship.