Pray for Others

For the Lords protection, favour and mercy upon me and my son. Please pray for Him to sustain us and for our faith not to fail. For Him to meet our needs spiritual, financial and social. For strength, courage,wisdom and His guidance. Thank you Lord for being the father of the fatherless and defender of widows.

Will everyone please pray constantly for me that Victor and the housekeeping mgr and the moving crew will stay far away from me all week and I WILL NOT GET MOVED TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BUILDING thank you Ann

Total healing for my dear wife. We ask in Jesus' name. Amen.

please pray for me to trust God keep him first in my life and my family and having a family of my own in the future and trust God for his will in my deepest desire of my life .. pray for me today and for me that I keep my eyes off of seeing others thinking things are not well for me and I am alone alone alone and lonely please pray for me to stop and look at Jesus and not at my the devils lies and lean not on my own understandings pray for my life to matter leaving a legacy and for my sis jh to have one with her future husband and family bless her to be mentally free today 2015 pray for our dad to pray for his future sons-in-laws and grand children please pray for him to let his daughters go and begin their lives in their own homes. pray for Ronald b I believe the lord wants him in my life and future pray for the lord to move in his life and heart today especially among those tempts that the liar is making him fall amen and amen victory

Dear Lord, please bless me as I attend my husband's Mother's funeral this week with him. Please soften Greg's heart to help him persevere in our marriage, as his parents
did, even though they went through rough times. Please Lord restore my marriage, in Jesus name. Amen

I feel a growth in the side of my stomach, it feels like it's the size of an egg and it's painful. I felt it before but it seems like it's bigger. I'm cursing this growth in the name of Jesus and asking for prayer warriors to agree and pray with me for healing. God less

Please pray for Chelsea and Derek .

Ryan is an 11 year old boy with lyme disease. He does not get along with his mother. He feels like he is not loved or cared about. He has run away the one time. It has been suggested that he go to a psychiatrist and get some meds. Pray that God will find the right doctor and medicine. Also pray that he gets along with his mother. Thank you.

from my mental illness

My family is battling evil, addiction, hatred, and enabling from within. But God Is With Us. Please pray that God will save us and triumph over evil this very day. Thank you.