Pray for Others

Dear Lord, please do not let my fear and anxiety take over me in regards to waiting on my exam score. I pray that I see the passing score that will move me further into this journey. I believe I am always divinely guided and that you have a plan for me. Amen.

Prayer request: Please pray for "Helen", an acquaintance. She has been wrongly accused by someone of causing harm. She is a gentle, loving mom. Now the prosecutor's office is charging her with some serious felony violations. Others in the court system have taken her side and see the fault, but they seem powerless to do anything with the prosecutor's office. Pray that the truth will be known and that all charges will be dropped. She has a court date this Thursday (May 7).

I am dealing with 3 stressful and difficult things right now, please pray for peace and good resolution, thanks.

please pray for my housing situation. my rent has increased tremendously. I don't know if I can afford it. I'm so tired of moving, I've moved every year for the last 3 years or so. I am so undecided and confused.

Prayer for God's wisdom and guidance to change clubs because people aren't nice. Also prayer for safety in the new building with animals and safe transportation.

Dear Lord, we have just started to tithe and you know how fearful I am for our finances right now. Please just show us that we are doing the right thing, and you will bless us.



My current financial situation is bleak. I owe a substantial amunt of money in some debt that has occured over the last couple of years. Needless to say I am always robbing Peter to pay Paul. I need a financial miracle and many prayers. Thank you in advance.

Please pray that my CT Scan this afternoon does not show growth of nodules in my lungs. Thank you. Praise to Jesus.