Pray for Others

Thru tried eyes please show me my next step. Wisdom knowledge strength direction. V

Hello I am requesting prayer for a Spiritual Renewal. I pray for the Lord to unlock all of the gifts and talents that He has placed within me with a double portion of anointing so that I can serve and pray boldly.

Please pray for this young man. He has a very rare aggressive fast growing cancer. He has a family and is around 30ish yrs old. The first round of chemo didn't touch it so now onto invasive radiation that will destroy the remaining stomach. Please pray for healing for him and his family. Assure him that God is by his side and to draw on the Lord's strength. Thank you.

My husband Sergio is having an affair....again! Please pray for strength and direction for my two young daughters and me as we begin a new chapter of our lives without him. Give me strength to be their rock!

I worry and stress out over everything. ..Father God help me, right now. I need a Word from you

GOD gave me a job and I start on March 3, pray that I do a good job.

My water is frozen this very minute please pray that I get it untamed before pipes burst. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN

Please pray that nobody can diminish me, and also please pray that I can't diminish me, all by the Lord's grace and all to the Lord's glory!

God's guidance

Help in making the right decision