Pray for Others


I need prayer to get into ministry school somewhere. I am called by Christ and I believe the timing is now. I also need prayer for my wife to return to Jesus, and for the divorce proceedings to stop, and for my wife's heart to be healed from past hurts that I have caused her, and a renewal of our marriage and relationship. Thank you. God Bless you all. In Jesus name amen.

I know that God will provide for my family, but as the struggle to pay the bills continue I feel the need for help with my trust level. Please pray for my continued trust and faith in my heavenly Father.

Please pray that those who lied about me that all their lies will be exposed. (Thou shalt not bear false witness).

Miracle prayers for Dustin. To take the once in a life time opportunities God has provided him with. To embrace the awesomeness of life and live the dream. To take the chance while he has it. i believe his blessings are coming and God will give him strength and see him through this! amen

Dear lord I have that you will make me a widow today thank you

Dear lord I pray that you will help me to eat healthier and lose weight today and everyday thank you

Prayer is requested for Y. in China to not despair and be depressed when she reads I need visa and visitation papers to come to China and that June is too close to make that happen. Pray she will not be upset and if she is that she will overcome through her faith. Pray she will be resilent in everything. In Jesus Name

Prayer is requested for Helen - and her children in Ukraine that she would get her Master's degree and her position to teach again. Pray that God will bless her prayers and meet all of her needs. In Jesus Name Thank you

Please pray that tax issues will be straightened out. I have done everything with the advice of professionals and just want it all settled. Thank you so much.