Pray for Others

Thank You Lord for staying with me. I pray for your continued guidance so that I my finally get out of debt . Amen

Prayer for Emily's unborn baby to be formed perfectly healthy in all ways: physically mentally, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Emily has eye cancer and is on medications - prayer that the meds won't effect the baby's development. The fetal image showed the baby's umbilical cord is on the side - not in the right place in the front. Prayer that the baby is healthy in every way, and that doesn't effect the baby's health in any bad way.

Please pray with me. I need to increase my income and get out of debt. I see things changing. Pray for me to keep moving forward. Amen.

Please pray for Dave, that he is quickly blessed with a job. For encouragement, reconciliation with his wife, and an end to bullying by a family member. God bless you.

Please pray that my husband's back and body get better. It is making him so crabby and he couldn't go to work today. He's missed work before because of this. We got into a bad fight this morning. We have 4 month old twin boys and I'm worried he won't be able to take care of them today. Please pray God takes care

I give thanks with all my heart and soul to my Lord for providing relief from my financial troubles and giving me the chance of some time to recuperate and wait for the job he has chosen for me which I trust will come according to the Lord's plan for me, His will be done in my life

Will everyone please pray that Sierra will be scheduled to be my nurse for Saturday and Sunday. She is a Christian and when she works the entire atmosphere is completely calm. I really need this. Thanks Ann

Please pray for my sister Cori. Her heart is enlarged on right side due to other health issues and she is getting a heart cath procedure done this am. Please pray that God will heal her heart completely and the procedure will go well. God Bless you! Thank you.

Prayers really really needed please ... Several unspoken prayer requests please

Please ask the Lord to bless my financial situation which is very complicated and personal but He knows my circumstances and the situation and I ask for His mercy and peace at this very stressful time. I know that He is working ALL THINGS TOGETHER FOR GOOD and that His mercy endures forever.