Pray for Others

Please pray for B and R to have their home loan approved. Thank you so much for praying.

Please pray for Cindy who lost her job today to in part to her poor decisions. Pray for her to be freed from her demons, know Jesus personally, overcome anger and live a life that brings God glory.

Please pray for Dan to overcome his demons and addictions and come to have a personal relationship with Our Father and experience the peace that passes understanding.

Lord- Bless and protect Chandler- help him find his way and find a job and send a mentor to lead him to you Lord.

Lord- bless our teenage daughter in her school, work and life. Help her to find her spiritual callings and talents. Lord prepare her husband to be a God loving man. In Jesus Name I pray- Amen

My husband died in December. I feel very lost and lonely. I pray much, and continue on in prayer. Please help me I have no one that cares what happens to me. I am trying to find my way.

Lord blesss Pat as she drives us to the airport and Lord be with our pilots as we fly home and help Christina get through the rush hour to get us in Jesus name Amen Help us transition to the people in our Condo bldg. and Your Divine Order and Lordship in all the meetings and conflicts for Your Glory Lord Amen

Please pray for Hunter he is having health problems from all the stress he has been going through. Please pray that God will heal him.

Thalia is having knee surgery on Monday, April 6. Our prayer is that her surgery is successful and her hospital stay is positive. May God help her to heal as quickly as possible with no complications. May she have peace of mind knowing our thoughts and prayers are with her.

Please keep Dorine in your prayers. She fell yesterday and broke her pelvis and is a lot of pain.
Thank you for your prayers.