Pray for Others

To. Help me. To. Find. The. Right. Car. In my. Budget.

My grandson, Christopher, is having spinal fusion surgery Monday, March 30th. He is only 7, but needs the surgery because he has a genetic muscle disorder (XLMTM) and resulting severe scoliosis. Please pray for guidance for the medical team and successful surgery and healing without complications. Also, pray for peace and strength for his parents, Brandon & Virginia, and siblings Ben, 9 and Sam 2 for their care during this time.

My children to come back to the Lord

Lot of bills need financial miracle

Pray for George- retired minister with sound mind placed in assisted living against his will. May God touch his body and heal his instability in walking so he may return to his home and be back in his home church. He is the son of late Sargent Alvin - TN.

Jesus' total healing for my wife and myself and His blessings to us and our family. We ask in Jesus' name, Amen.

I am praying for a friendship with a woman that comes to my church .I pray that she has a desire in her heart for us to become friends.I pray that our paths cross and she reaches out and wants to communicate with me.Thank you,Billy


My dog, Gracie, is getting older . Worry & fear continue to take over and fill me with aniexty over her health. I know she's a dog but she means so much to me. The stress takes over & I feel so helpless. I know the Lord is in control & I have to turn it over to him. He will be by my side. Please pray that the Lord will give comfort through prayer and bible reading.

A Loved One has been having inappropriate relationships with women married and not married God help and truly save them. Heal them and save them in Jesus name