Pray for Others

My friend, Edith Wong is suffering from bi-polar disorder and is being hospitalised. She has 2 boys aged 5 and 3 years old. Edith needs the healing touch of God for her mind right now. Victor, her husband has to take over the double role of being a mother and father to his boys so please pray for strength and grace of God for him at this time. And that all promises of God will be a reality in Edith's life as she is recuperating in the hospital. That the financial burden of the family will be helped by God. Amen. Thanks in advance.

pray for Gods Will for Herb in his work.

pray Gods Will for Karoline that she may have a marriage and husband. In Jesus Name, Amen

My sister, Susie C-'s husband by the name of Sng Lian C- has been pushing all his financial debts to Susie to pay. And Susie has been paying for him for many years using her hard-earned money. Her husband is not remorseful at all and continues in his wayward ways that hurt Susie a lot. Please pray for the light of God to shine into Sng Lian C-that he will see his own sinful ways and repent before it is too late. Ask God to destroy the strongholds of greed, sexual lust, lying, cheating and gambling in his life. Thanks in advance.

pray that SG would seek help for the numbness in his legs since he is a diabetic

Please pray for financial blessing, help us find the money to pay our debt and mortgage that is behind. Please pray that we get the funds.

Please pray for me , I have a test tonight for my job. Please pray that the lord will be with me guiding me. Also help me with my job, pray that God will open new doors for me.

My wonderful husband Steve is suffering with COPD. He's almost become a stranger to me. I'm his caregiver, but lately, I feel like I'm also a victim. His mood snaps and he's developed a horrible temper. Please pray that we develop much better attitudes. Thank you

Dear Lord, Please guide me in my journey of faith. Help me to keep a spiritual focus on You throughout this Lenton season. Help me, also, to give You thanks for all of my blessings. Thy will be done.

Due to illness and medical bills, I'm having financial problems. I was on disability from my job for 2 1/2 months. Back to work but not enough money coming in to cover all the expenses. If you would pray it will be greatly appreciated...Thank you..