Pray for Others

My daughter Tiffani has a lump in her right breast, Biopsy was done, 3 samples taken, test results will be back Wednesday. Requsting that all prayer warriors please join me without cease, Asking that our heavenly Father will allow this journey to be a testimony of His Faithfulness and the lump an example of Awareness of Him and Him alone!
Psalms 119:30
Thank You
Tonja J and Family

Praying Bill keeps his temporary job.

TY God for C head & neck pain gone esp R side, for R side back &neck alignment holding, for SLEEEEEP SLEEP for C & M tonight, C HEALED R ARM (L arm) hands, R FOOT, toes area, C & M Moist comfortable healthy tissues, FREE OF EXCESS MUCOUS IN THROAT EARS SINUSES, For the excess ear wax to drain out of, dry up from ear canals, my perfect hearing restored, only-healthy-organisms in body, esp stomach, Perfect PH Balance, Tissues Moist & COOL, Left SHOULDER/CHEST DISCHARGE HEALED, for strong healed CIRCULATION healed TISSUES BLOOD VESSELS LEGS, FEET ARMS esp R, HEAD NECK sides of L esp, & in Eyes, from bed, pillows, BATHROOM trips affects, big protection fm negative energies,& emotions, for HEALED TEETH ESP RIGHT SIDE,&UPPER REAR TWO & PROTECTION & HEALED ttn AREA, HEALED BLADDER, for ENERGY STAMINA STRENGTH ENDURANCE, PERFECT HEALING, SUSTAINING PROGRESS for all! God bless all praying & everyone's speedy total healing! TY God for Your Love! We Love You!!

For my autistic son to have a lot of God's Help in the next few days as he takes a series of tests. For him to study effectively for each, starting tomorrow, for travel mercies getting to them on time, and special focus and support during them so that he improves his grades. He has been working so hard, Lord, please help him succeed and be willing to continue until he has graduated.

pray that God will take over some situations in my life and spiritual promises need to come to pass soon. Pray also for my finances that God will control them and help me not to go broke. Please work on a troubled church member to repentance. Pray for husband to be in a calm state rather than irate and hateful, signs of alz. Bring peace and calm to my whole family. Help my grandchild to be honest with God and to all and be a better parent. In Jesus' name I do pray. Thank you for all blessings in my life and loved ones.

​For C's breakthru now into easily sustained physical healing, for everyone's!! PROTECTION from all NEGATIVE ENERGIES, they DECREASE steadily including negative thot actions emotions, for protection protection for all needed, willingness for qwsG skills, now, t solution!! for enuf rest & SLEEP SLEEP for C & M, for courage, EAGER happy HEALING WILLINGNESS that SUSTAINS including much PHYSICAL PROGRESS still SUSTAINED after all physical exertions done for day for everyone! For Perfect PRACTITIONERS methods/modifications (Dr. Mark perfect working/pay arrangement, perfect healing treatment plan evolved as C needs) now! For rapid BOUNCEBACK tissues circulation vessels nerves TEETH Bones & emotions from physical/all stress. We pray FOR FREEDOM FROM FEAR for ALL, for healing miracles for everyone, all drawing us closer to You Lord!!

Please pray to give strength to me during the tragic loss of my son. He was in the military and died in a helicopter crash during a routine day at work. He leaves family, a new wife and an unborn baby. Pray for our strength. Thank you

Prayers for myself for healing and well-being and healing of my heart too. Prayers for daughter Connie who is in the Hospital for mental problems. Thank you for your prayers.

Please pray for the salvation of Denise, Marie, and Jeff. Thank you.

We claim Randi and Ed for you, Lord. Heal their bodies and also their daughter Beth from a rare cancer. By Your stripes and by the Blood You shed on the cross, Randi, Ed, and Beth are healed in Jesus nameAmen And for Audrey, Melody's mom, Lord we say come out, spirit of unbelief, we claim Audrey's soul for you, soften her heart towards all who have Your Spirit in them, Jesus, in Your name Amen