Pray for Others

Lord bring a man into my life that is kind, generous, stable, financially secure and beautiful inside and out. I'm lonely and would like a companion that will be respectful of me and will share similar interest. A man that knows you and believes in you and is faithful.

Please pray for my friends who are struggling with serious health issues. May Our Lord bless them with hope and patience as He heals them. They are: Grant, Linda D., Bob, William, Walter, Burdine, Bette-jo, Helen, Kathy, Roberta, Mary, Pat, Bobby, Ben, Loren, Carter, Larry, Linda E., Phil, Jamie Ann, Austin, Paula, Betty, Kelli and Michael. Thank you for your prayers. May Our Lord bless you in special ways today!

Please for me (Nerissa), my husband(Gene), daughter (Michaela), son and daughter-in-law(Robert & Brandi). Pray for our health, finances, relationships with others and that we be mindful of our surroundings and keep God first in our lives.

My sister , C is getting married in July. It's been 26 years since her divorce from her first husband. her wedding plans are being made, she has become more scattered in her actions and thoughts. Her daughter seems to be unhelpful and adding drama to the planning of this celebration. Please pray for both of them as they increase their family and plans for this wedding.

Please join me in thanking Heavenly Father for all the blessings he has given me. Thank you Heavenly father for blessing my body, mind, spirit, heart and soul. Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing my job and home Thank you for blessing my son in all his needs. Thank you for blessing all of thy children. Thank you for send Jesus to redeem us. All the Power and Glory is thine. Thank you for thy Love and Light. Amen

I pray that our permanent visa to Australia will be granted by the Lord and we shall live in his grace and glory.

James Mezhir has metastatic stomach cancer and it is advancing fast. We ask for God's intervention with healing and restoration. We praise Him!

Please pray that our Heavenly Father will please grant my dear wife total healing. We ask for his blessings in Jesus' name, Amen.

Father God I come to you praying for my husband Felton - and ask you to let your will be done concerning his addiction. In Jesus Name. Amen

I would like to praise God for helping me answers the questions in the board exam and glory to God for passing the board exam. I pray God bless more the people who pray for me before, during and after the exam. God bless us all.