Pray for Others

My Heavenly Father, I am still standing for my relationship to be saved by your every caring Grace and Love. You have given me strength in the signs that you working on us in your way as only you can do Lord. For everything I have and will have is because you Lord. I know how much we loved and took care each other unlike anyone I have ever met. I know that she is a blessing that you have brought into my life and I give Praise. Please continue your work so that we are reunited to be stronger and better with your ever loving Grace and Protection. In Jesus Name I Pray! AMEN

Please Father bless s. at work, and bind the spirits in YAHshua/Jesus name that are attempting to cause her trouble, bless her instead, and let the curses and bad intent return to the senders, Lord willing unto deliverance and salvation, amen

My work recently is in decline. Praying much! God is slowly bringing in new work & money is coming in. I pray this continues, Sweet Jesus. Thank you.

Battling depression as I go thru divorce. Claiming victory over my day. No weapons formed against me will prosper. Jesus please take my pain from me. I give it to you.

Dear Lord,thank You for this beautiful day….thank You that Sher will be at the dentist soon…be with us….calm our nerves i pray and bring healing to her so she will be be free of the swelling,pain and be able to eat again….thank You Jesus….and Father i ask Your healing and blessing upon all requesting prayer and bless all those praying for us….in Jesus name.Amen

Preston = very concerned about a current relationship he has with a non Christian. Please pray the Lord's will be done fully in this son's life.

Please pray for healing for Hunter.

I need a job in my new country for I am living on my own. I need to be able pay for my college education so that I can retain a student visa. I wish for a visa to o to UK and Canada. Thus to see my son. I pray for my other half to get a job.

Pray that my now relationship leads to marriage and that the long distance does not pose too much difficulty. May our communication respect love grow for each other.

Prayers for my wife, Robyn, for a positive diagnosis and treatment for her thyroid cancer. We are the = Clinic with a meeting with the doctor and surgeon today.