Pray for Others

Please pray for A.and J.they are addicted to nicotine,pray that those cigarettes taste so bad that they make these too sick to even smell that awful smoke.It would benefit them and all around them,and also they would benefit financially if they get that smoking monkeys off their backs.In Jesus Name,amen

I am unhappy with some things in my life, nothing even that terrible, and yet I am stressed and anxious and feel like I could be spiraling into depression. I don't even really know why. Please pray for me.

My dear sister Sheryl is battling cancer. I have a cat scan tomorrow to rule out cancer and I am terrified.

I'm embarrassed that Lana and Marie have rejected an email I sent them ....redeem me in their eyes I pray in Jesus name Amen Plus Lord empower every godly leader or person of authority in the world and nullify and void all evil (in Your eyes) of any policy effecting the welfare of others in Jesus name Amen

I would like all Christian brothers and sisters to pray for me for healing as I am asthmatic, an illness that is new to me and currently affecting me in my work and family setting. I am young and I have been battling this illness for the last 5 years. I ask God for pardon and grant me full healing. Please pray for me and lets ask God for his mercy and healing upon me. God Bless you all

Thank You Lord that Paul and Nicola can get what needs to be done today so the shipment goes on time, or otherwise allow Nicola to be able to sign off without loss, financially or reputation wise, amen
Thank You Lord by Your stripes we are healed, and it is true, Praise You, amen

Dear Heavenly Father, please calm my spirit and let me know everything is going to be ok. There is turmoil going on at my office and tensions are high. I ask you Lord to help rectify these problems. Please give me strength to overcome these problems. I ask these things in Jesus dear precious name, Amen

I pray that my daughter dinner date is wonderful. That she finds happiness and"JB" will see how wonderfully special ivy is.

Please pray all goes well in my new department and the supervisor gets along with me and the other co workers and work leader. Also, that I get an end seat by a good group of people and there are no problems and I dont' get fired. Thank you

For it all to work out...