Pray for Others

In dire need of financial miracle. This past week has been one unexpected expense after another, had to put family cat to sleep, crushed front of car in collision with deer, house on verge of going into foreclosure. Please pray that things turn around, and that the mortgage company will work with me.
Thank you.

I have just found out that my husband of 46 years has been spending our retirement monies on porn for many years. It has shaken me up badly and my self-esteem has hit bottom. Actually, I would have to look up to see the bottom. He is angry at me because I have asked him to get help. He is doing that, but hates me for it. I'm working 40 hours a week at a highly stressful job and trying to hold it together at church and with family. I'm not sharing it with them because I don't want his reputation destroyed. I fear the future with him and his ongoing anger that I have dealt with forever. I'm stressed to the max and constantly calling out to God for help. Please pray!

Please pray for Debbie's brothers, neither one are doing very well their health-Chrisi

God please restore the David who fell in love with me, making him faithful, honest, committed. Pls bring him back to me to fight for this relationship and really commit to me! Pls bring back the man who adored me, needed me, wanted me, who was affectionate, attentive, expressive, who hung on my every word, who made me a priority!! Make him miss me so much it hurts! Put me on his mind and in his heart! I'm heartbroken, please! I prayed to bring back this man and to restore the way he loved me and 15 mins later I received an email from a company called D. R. who had accidentally sent me an email cuz they got the address wrong. Under the logo was the passage about restoring the desert and the rose would bloom. I pray this is a sign to me that David is on his way back to me, to love me as he once did, as I need and be faithful & honest with me. Please pray with me! God please restore us & his love for me!

 I don't know where my teenage son is right now. He walked off in the middle of the night probably to find his friend because I took his car. I don't know where her is or if he's doing drugs Help God

Please pray for peace and calm for AJ who has a very important interview right now.

Please pray that my husband and I will make it through our financial struggles. May we not fall apart from this stressful time. Please pray that we can keep our heads up and remain strong. Pray that our utilities won't be shut off aND that our home won't go into foreclosure. Thank you.

Prayer request for my daughter, Ivy. As she waits for her final grades to come in for her second semester of college. I pray that she did well and that her teachers value her hard work and effort. I pray for excellent grades. I pray that her history teacher also averages in some type of classroom participation so that Ivy can pull out a B. I also pray for an A in at least one of her classes and for nothing less than a B in the rest.

I give you the praise and glory and I thank your your grace and mercy. I come asking for prayer for a financial blessing Hoping doors will open up so I can pay for school and get so things taking care of. I want to be a lender and not borrower.I need to bless spiritual as well I need to be heal from a broken heart. I really being going through and I need you Heavenly father and Your son Jesus Christ. I thank you right now for that financial blessing in Name of Jesus Thank you for healing My mother ans thank you that I lose weight and getting healthy. Thank you for healing of my knees and My whole Body being from diseases pain and affiliation. I thank you I will live and Not die. I thank you i will do well in school this semester and all semester In Name of Jesus . I need you God I have no well to turned I need that spiritual Blessing and and a financial blessing I asking and receiving in Jesus precious Name Amen

Please pray that more people provide free rice to feed hungry people by participating -Thank you.