Pray for Others

I am trying to complete my post secondary education. So far I have struggled in maintaining a passing grade. Primarily due to the struggles of being a single parent with kids who have problems. Daughter is a rape victim. Son has a heart condition. Youngest child is rejected by her father. I am living off of student loan and accumulating a debt. I would like to eventually graduate with a Masters Degree in English. I am also passionate about working for a non for profit organization. In addition, I would like to become a write. I have had to struggle with my own issues. Raised by an unhealthy stepfather who had negatively impacted my self esteem in so many ways. Both of my parents are dead. My brothers are alcoholic. My family has adopted unhealthy ways of being. They are either: violent, abusive, addicted, or in jail. It is difficult for me because my ex was an alcoholic & recently died. I would like to connect with healthy minded/spiritual advisers. I want to be able to earn money while attending school to provide for my 3 kids. + not be discouraged, or lonesome. Thanks

I would appreciate prayers for my health medical exams coming up pray my body is preparing as the lord leads for marriage and my womb is clean and anoited and lord will bless my future spouse and me with joy of being parents and grant mom and dad grand pa and grand ma pray for jh sis for the same thing pray for her to get off line stop the weired asslocations and give her my loving brother -in-law pray for my loved one ronald b to have the love of God grow daily and hourly and secondly pray fo rwitness's to continue to move in and out of his office, neighborhood, grocery store , medical checkups are good for his age and also bus,train, car dealerships airlines when he picks me up for a visit pray for school new work , new m car pray for dads finances change business growth out of bounds so high the $$$ pays off major bills this year help becky mom pray for her healing and for her future to be a grand ma and health mind,again restored

Prayer is requested concerning my trip to China in June. Prayers for courage and wisdom, as I am feeling weak about it as the travel agent begins the process. Your prayers are most helpful. It is risky and maybe too soon, but I felt strong about it yesterday. In Jesus Name, thank you

please pray my wife diane will get 2 job offers today. pray for confidence and Holy Spirit action during both interviews.. Pray the interviewers today and will see her strengths/dedication/talent/passion/connection and will recognize what a great talent she is for the job. Pray for 2 job offers at the right salary she is asking for. divine favor/Holy Spirit involvement. Jesus will do this thru her. speak to this job mountain in Jesus name.

Please pray that Alanna does very well in her first job after graduation. It took awhile for her to find one and now she's worried she's not doing it well. It's basically sales and promotions. Please pray she hits her stride and is successful with this. Thank you! God bless!

In dire need of financial miracle. This past week has been one unexpected expense after another, had to put family cat to sleep, crushed front of car in collision with deer, house on verge of going into foreclosure. Please pray that things turn around, and that the mortgage company will work with me.
Thank you.

I have just found out that my husband of 46 years has been spending our retirement monies on porn for many years. It has shaken me up badly and my self-esteem has hit bottom. Actually, I would have to look up to see the bottom. He is angry at me because I have asked him to get help. He is doing that, but hates me for it. I'm working 40 hours a week at a highly stressful job and trying to hold it together at church and with family. I'm not sharing it with them because I don't want his reputation destroyed. I fear the future with him and his ongoing anger that I have dealt with forever. I'm stressed to the max and constantly calling out to God for help. Please pray!

Please pray for Debbie's brothers, neither one are doing very well their health-Chrisi

God please restore the David who fell in love with me, making him faithful, honest, committed. Pls bring him back to me to fight for this relationship and really commit to me! Pls bring back the man who adored me, needed me, wanted me, who was affectionate, attentive, expressive, who hung on my every word, who made me a priority!! Make him miss me so much it hurts! Put me on his mind and in his heart! I'm heartbroken, please! I prayed to bring back this man and to restore the way he loved me and 15 mins later I received an email from a company called D. R. who had accidentally sent me an email cuz they got the address wrong. Under the logo was the passage about restoring the desert and the rose would bloom. I pray this is a sign to me that David is on his way back to me, to love me as he once did, as I need and be faithful & honest with me. Please pray with me! God please restore us & his love for me!

 I don't know where my teenage son is right now. He walked off in the middle of the night probably to find his friend because I took his car. I don't know where her is or if he's doing drugs Help God