Pray for Others

I need God's guidance and wisdom in making decisions in our finances and employment.

See Dr. Tomorrow and if kidney function is better may be able to get off dialysis. Praying for a miracle.
and thank you for your prayers.

Please continue to pray for Kami and her family. Kami is a single mom with a lot of stress in her life right now. She needs to feel relief, renewed hope, and joy. She needs a life partner to buoy her up, stand by her side, love her and her children . . . someone God knows to be the perfect life mate for her. Kami's daughter, Savannah, is suffering from torn knee ligaments . . . second time in less than 6 months. Savannah needs prayers for healing without surgery and the strength and courage to go through another 6 - 9 weeks of physical therapy. Thank God for being present in the lives of Kami and her children. Please ask Him to help them through challenges and decisions going forward.

ederly parents healed and painfree and for me more income in Jesus name I ask amen

I lift up myself to God the father, please pray that I relax and not worry about my job, health and grandchild.

For strength to survive travel and a safe trip home.

please pray for me I am so sick and need to get well, need strength very weak having trouble walking, thank ,marie

Pray god would help me to build great relationships in my community and that he would help me to have a loving trusting relationship with a great woman and to build a family. Asking for his peace and wisdom in building a great relationship with a great woman and kids and to build a home and family together. Asking for confidence with dating and confidence with others.

lord please let me keep my temper under control at work and stay focused and not get frustrated, let me do a good job.Please bless my sons Quinton and Dan Jr and freinds ericka, lorrine with jobs

Praying god would keep raising my kidney function so i can get off dialysis and have a family and a richer more rewarding life. Thanking him for the healing so far.