Pray for Others

Please pray for our relationship with our children, living far away and facing various issues. We seek the Lord’s guidance in knowing how to assist them, when to back off, and being able to do either without problems. Thank you.

Please pray John and Steve’s tech problem is resolved. Thank you.

Sara is strained by work and friendships. Please pray the Lord renew her spirit, guide her work, protect her, and grace her with a calm, collected mind. With thanksgiving for His generosity. God bless you.

Please pray for my son Chris who is having surgery 4-10-12, to see if they can remove a trache after more than 2 1/2 yrs of wearing one. He suffers already with a brain injury, blind in one eye, and prone to seizures. He will never be completely well, but this trache removal would help alot. Thank you.

The Lord knows Kathleen’s needs and her situation. We offer our gratitude as we ask that He guides her, heals her, and blesses her with all He knows is right for her. God bless you in your prayers.

Asking prayers for Lonika and Mary’s successful cancer treatment. We thank you for your prayers and God for His mercy.

Please pray for salvation, and that God responds with favor to the prayers of Will, Laura, Donald, Lou Ann, Ed B, Chuck, Derk, Allyn, Eileen, Joseph J, Helen, Bob, Charles, Billie, Lester, Dorothy, Louis, Mary L, Pat and Al. God bless you.

Would you pray for our daughter and son-in-law, and for those who’ve taken them into their home: that God to guide them as part of this household, so there is no inconvenience or resentment, and that they all enjoy friendship and happy times. Thank you.

That my cousin Cos has the strength to fight his illness (cancer) and live a long and healthy life
That his wife and family also have the strength to fight along side of him during this journey.
All of my love to them and all of my support forever

My pastor 2 weeks ago had 5 bypass surgeries.I have never heard
of that.He is recovering and getting better but will be along
road to recovery.We at our church Many have many former paritioners living in southern states praying for him. Please
pray for Pastor Gary - of - Freewill Baptist Church
in -,Michigan.
Thank You!