Pray for Others

Lord Jesus I beseech You, May Mark A forgive my misspeaking, so he & I may try a treatment plan together! MAY I IN THIS URGENT HOUR SOOOO WELL understand! Your Guidance for me/us?

please continue to pray for my son and his wife. help them remember their love for each other. thank you

Please help me to pray for my co-workers brother-in-law( Keith R-) who lives in C- and has stomach cancer with only 2 weeks to live. I am believing GOD that he will get healed and also that he will do above and exceedingly what we are asking for and that is that his family and friends will see GODSs hand and that he will receive the Glory and honor in Jesus name!!

I ask for God to guide my thoughts and actions today.

Please pray God will stop and remove the burdens in our families and bless us with freedom from these burdens and freedom from our adversaries. Please pray God will protect me and my family and shower us with His blessings. I love the Lord and I thank you for your prayers.

Lord by your healing power, i ask and beg you to touch my bestfriend's health today..AGNES TRINIO is suffering for an unknown cause of infection and she shall be healed! Amen!

My dear Uncle,
I'm staying in hostel doing my engineering and i'm
totally depressed, oppressed and unable to study and do
anything! My mother and father are also totally upset
not knowing what to do?Pls help us uncle!We beg u
to help us uncle!
I have a sister who is writing her 10th strandard right
now!my mother ia alone with her in home and my father is in
abroad and i'm the hostel. Before 3 years we were in another place
where a 26years old boy used to see my sister and we took it lightly
and then he began to follow her and speak to her over phone my mother
found it and beat my sister and then she said she will not speak to
him. Now after three years again my mother has found her talking to
him over new phone we dont know who gave her dat phone she says she is
going to pray and she is goin into room and talking to him its eems
uncle. Now her exams are going on so mother left her like dat only
without asking anything!
Also, it seems she is fighting shouting and saying i will
die even for small and simple things. My mother is also not eating and
every second she is also dying unable to know wat to do,even my father
is not peaceful and me too i dont know wat to do and 24 hours i'm
depressed if dat guy will do something to my sister and she
being just 15 years without knowing anything, if he calls if she will
go away!
We are
totally in
confusion because she is not at all listening to us even a single word

Pls guide us as to wat we have to do!And
also i beg u a lot to pray for her to understand that it is a
mistake I have joined her
both in YPP and FBP . I'm eagerly waiting for your prayers,
guidance and comforting reply

That what ever us going on I'm my stomache area will be healed and that I'm not allergic to the antivirus that I'm on.

I am requesting prayer for safe and healthy delivery of twin boys
expected by my daughter in law in July of this summer. We place
them in God's Hands.
Also, need prayers for my daughter's success in searching for a new home for herself and teenage son. She needs to move soon
and we rely on God's Guidance.
Another daughter is in chronic pain in her shoulders from using the computer at work and she needs to continue in her job til retirement. We ask God to have the pain go away.
Thank you kindly. God Bless you.

please help me get through my trials today...