Pray for Others

Please pray that my husband receives a job opportunity soon. He lost his job 2 weeks ago due to budget cuts.

Thank You Lord Jesus for sending undesirable energies emotions into Your healing, that this is strong certain effective, Thank You Lord for PERFECT AWAKE REST & NAPS as needed, PERFECT AMOUNTS DEEP SLEEP for all needing, especially those healing & those who assist them.

My dear friend, Sandra, has chronic health problems, is in and out of hospitals and often bedridden. She is only 51 years old and still has two children in school. Please pray for God's blessings for her.

Please pray that God will answer my prayer very soon and restore my broken marriage.....I have walked this path on my own long enough. I need my husband and my life back...Please pray for this with me.
God Bless you,

Please pray for my son, Joseph, he is struggling with addiction and legal issues. He could be facing prison. He is suicidal and often wonders where is God....I pray that he gets better and finds God....

my company and I need a financial miracle and help with the irs revenue officer who won't work with us. this has been ongoing and really taking a toll..really need your prayers.

Our daughter Holly has ovinen cancer. She been doing chemo for about 4years, with only 11 months remission. Please let them found something that works. She needs a broke , she is really frighing, she just needs a little rest from chemo.

Please pray for my family, we seem to be falling apart. Something goes wrong each way we turn. We were in a car accident and now my son's arm hurts. My husband is, well I don't know what is going on with him. PLEASE PRAY FOR US!

A 9 year old recently diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma. Scans this week improved but still undergoing chemo and radiation treatments with a long way to go. Please pray for CJR.
A 2 year old needs a kidney. Please pray for RS.
A 9 year old with history of seizuers is having seizures of longer duration and undergoing tests now. Please pray for WS.
Parents of a 2 year old and 4 year old are unemployed and have strayed from their upbringing. They are not working or taking responsibility for themselves or their children. The parents are not in church, but the 4 year loves attending SS with a friend. Please pray for this family and their extended family who are trying to encourage these parents to provide a good environment for these childen. Please pray for JBS.
Thank you for your prayers.

Help me to hold on, Father. Show me, please. In the name of Jesus. Amen